Gourmet cannabis goodies are joining the list of artisan food products manufactured by North Coast companies, a market that is expected to grow as acceptance of medical marijuana spreads throughout the U.S.

Often referred to in the medical marijuana community as “medibles,” these THC-infused goodies deliver measured doses of medicinal cannabis via digestion rather than inhalation, and are popular with patients who aren’t able to or don’t want to inhale cannabis smoke.

Products take the form of everything from brownies and cookies to chocolate truffles, chai tea, cupcakes and even popcorn.

Jimmy Crack Corn, a Santa Rosa product, took home a coveted second place at last year’s Emerald Cup, a competition and exposition for Northern California’s biggest cash crop. The organic, non-GMO caramel popcorn is made with canna-butter (butter infused with marijuana flowers) and is sold in sealed 3-ounce bags that deliver a total of 115 mg of THC. The suggested dose for pain relief is about 45 mg, roughly a third of the bag.

What does it taste like? Like a really good caramel corn, buttery, rich and crunchy with just a hint of pine as a result of the pungent cannabis flowers.

Though he declined to provide his full name, Jimmy of Jimmy Crack Corn said his product is selling like hotcakes at dispensaries throughout the North Coast.

Jimmy Crack Corn is available only to patients with valid medical marijuana recommendations from their doctors. The bags typically sell for $15-20 and so far are available only at Emerald Pharms in Hopland and Kure Wellness in Ukiah.