Saturday’s game between Santa Rosa JC and City College of San Francisco was billed as a matchup between two of the top-ranked junior college teams in Northern California.

However, after two halves of football, it was apparent that CCSF deserves the lofty ranking but Santa Rosa does not.

The Rams put on a show in front of the home crowd and won the Big 6 Conference contest, 70-0.

Both squads came into the game with 5-1 records. CCSF was ranked No. 3 in Northern California, while the Bear Cubs were No. 4.

After the game, SRJC coach Lenny Wagner didn’t try to sugarcoat the loss:

“It was a team effort and we got what we deserved. Between turnovers, penalties and a bad week of practice it was ugly. It was rough to be part of that.”

While Santa Rosa did nothing right, CCSF played nearly flawless football. For instance, the Rams scored three times on defensive turnovers.

Also, the home team’s game plan worked to perfection.

“Our defensive strength has been against the run,” Wagner explained. “Our scouting report showed that CCSF preferred the run to the pass and that’s what we prepared for.”

Instead of running the ball a majority of the time behind former Santa Rosa High star Jahray Hayes, the Rams went to the air and surprised the defense.

“Credit to their coaching staff for that strategy,” Wagner said.

Several front-line players missed the game because of injuries. Among those sidelined were: linebacker Vai Taito (Rancho Cotate), linebacker Ethan Rosselli (Santa Rosa) and offensive lineman Giuliano Cattaneo (Montgomery).

Terrence Drew, Santa Rosa’s leading receiver, played sparingly after nursing a foot problem during the week.

Demond Nisby, the team’s leading rusher, was ejected in the first quarter for unsportsmanlike conduct.