The Cardinal Newman High School football team will be the subject of a feature debuting Sunday on ESPN’s SportsCenter program.

A new season of “SC Featured,” the ESPN program’s award-winning storytelling brand, will open Sunday, Feb. 11, with Tom Rinaldi telling the story of the team carrying on after last fall’s devastating Northern California wildfires.

On the night of Oct, 8, the Tubbs fire ripped through Sonoma County and heavily damaged the Cardinal Newman campus as it incinerated more than 5,000 structures and burned more than 36,000 acres.

“SC Featured” documents the school’s football team, focusing on two of its seniors: quarterback Beau Barrington and wide receiver Kyle Carinalli, who both lost their homes in the fire.

Beginning with their first game back after the fire, viewers will follow the team’s journey all the way to the North Coast Section championship game while getting a glimpse of the community’s determination to recover from the most destructive fire in California’s history.

“Through the Fire” will debut on the 7 a.m. edition of SportsCenter and will re-air at 8 p.m., as well as during other editions in subsequent days.

See the trailer here: