Looks like the Oakland Raiders’ Bruce Irvin is ready to play their AFC West rival Denver Broncos.

Former Raiders punter Marquette King signed a three-year deal with the Broncos soon after the Raiders released him.

At his introductory press conference, King said he couldn’t wait to play against the Raiders twice a year.

On Tuesday, Irvin let his Twitter followers know what his plans could be when the Raiders face the Broncos in 2018.

Or maybe he was joking.

“Asked to play punt return today against Denver,” he wrote.

Irvin seemingly is willing to give King a hit or a tackle.

“Got approval. Got fine money too,” he wrote.

Why is Irvin upset? Maybe because King took a photo with former Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib, who yanked the gold chain off ex-Raiders receiver Michael Crabtree.

And that was in early 2017.

“I can play everything even punter. And I won’t take pics with the enemy as a joke,” Irvin tweeted last year.

The question remains: When will the Raiders play the Broncos? You won’t have to wait long because the NFL is likely to release the regular-season schedule next week.