Special Coverage: Jenner Beach Slayings

A Forestville man suspected in the 2004 slayings of a couple sleeping on a beach near Jenner pleaded not guilty to the crimes Thursday.
From a 2004 bombing to 2018 arraignment in a double murder, Shaun Gallon has been on law enforcement’s radar for more than a decade.
A year after the Sheriff’s Office named inmate Shaun Gallon as the lone suspect in the unsolved Jenner beach killings, prosecutors have formally leveled murder charges in the case.
The suspect in the double homicide of a couple on a Jenner beach in 2004 has not been charged but remains jailed, accused of shooting his brother to death.
The Forestville man is charged with murder in the shooting death of his brother and is the lone suspect in the killings of two people on a Jenner beach in 2004.
Shaun Gallon will appear in court today in the unrelated shooting death of his brother. The Forestville man is the lone suspect in the 2004 slayings of a couple camping on a Jenner beach, and still hasn’t been charged.
For 13 years detectives sought clues in the 2004 killings of a young couple camping at a Jenner beach, and then a suspect told them what they needed.
For the tiny town of Jenner and scores of people touched by the case, Friday’s announcement naming a suspect in the double murder rekindled the pain of a baffling crime and offered some relief that a killer may no longer be on the loose.
Shaun Michael Gallon, who grew up along the Russian River, had numerous encounters with law enforcement. He is now suspected of three murders, including a Midwestern couple and his own brother.
It was one of the North Coast’s most notorious slayings, garnering coast-to-coast media coverage as it remained unsolved for more than a decade: the murder of a young couple in love.
Authorities named a suspect Friday in the 2004 double murder of a couple on Jenner beach, a man already in jail on suspicion of fatally shooting his brother.
Shaun Michael Gallon faces life in prison for the shooting death of his brother Shamus Friday night in the home they shared with their mother.
A Forestville man who allegedly killed his younger brother Friday shot him with an AR‑15‑style gun multiple times, according to authorities.
The 38-year-old man was arrested Friday night in the shooting death of his brother at the family’s home.
While Sheriff Steve Freitas’ leadership has supporters, his reluctance to be the face of the department has sparked dissension inside and outside his office.
Gathered on the 10th anniversary of the killings, family and loved ones celebrated more than they mourned.
Faith in God is virtually inseparable from the lives and deaths of Lindsay Cutshall and Jason Allen, who were killed in August 2004 while they slept on a beach near Jenner. A decade later, their killer has not been caught.
A Guerneville man who was convicted last year of shooting a handmade arrow through the roof of a car parked in front of his apartment, striking one of two men sitting inside, was sentenced to three years in prison
Authorities say they are unable to link a dead fugitive to the 2004 slayings of a couple on a beach near Jenner, dashing hopes of solving a case that continues to baffle investigators and torment the victims?