Press Democrat Endorsements, 2016

Here are the Editorial Board’s recommendations to date for today’s election.
Here are the Editorial Board’s recommendations to date for the upcoming election.
Measure AF was drafted by Mendocino County marijuana growers for the benefit of, well, Mendocino County marijuana growers.
There's no such thing as an unimportant vote. One would think that point was driven home by the chad-thin margin in the 2000 race.
Cloverdale voters can choose from an impressive mix of skilled City Hall veterans and energetic newcomers, all of them focused on bolstering the local economy and improving basic public services.
Here are the Editorial Board’s recommendations to date for the upcoming election.
Cotati has made progress with a City Council that, while not always in agreement, puts a premium on collaboration and compromise. For this and other reasons, we see little reason for change.
Here’s one of our concerns. Noreen Evans has shown through her words and actions that she does not regard the county’s pension crisis as a serious problem.
Measure P would authorize the City Council to impose a tax of up to 10 percent on the gross receipts of any marijuana-related business that sets up shop in Cloverdale.
Cotati’s growth boundary, which was overwhelmingly approved by local voters in 1998, is intended to ensure that Sonoma County’s smallest city remains distinct from its neighbors, Rohnert Park and Penngrove.
In some years, we might encourage change. But the institutional knowledge that Laurie Gallian and David Cook provide will be assets given that no one else on the council has served more than two years and that Sonoma’s city manager is retiring in December.
Here are the Editorial Board's recommendations to date for the upcoming election.
Whomever is elected president, it will be the Senate’s responsibility to ratify treaties and vet Cabinet secretaries, U.S. Supreme Court justices, ambassadors and hundreds of other government officials.
Sonoma is just starting to emerge, as are many California communities, from lingering problems from the Great Recession and from losing its redevelopment money.
It’s hard to say what’s more annoying — the sound of gas-powered leaf blowers or the fact that the Sonoma City Council debated for years on what to do with these contraptions without getting to a satisfactory conclusion.
A proposal drafted by the Sonoma City Council, and placed on the ballot with a unanimous vote, would prohibit smoking in enclosed public places, multi-family housing, hotels and motels and public spaces such as the Plaza and streets and sidewalks.
If this measure is approved, the public can expect to see more silo funding requests like this on future ballots – and less direct action on bringing down retirement costs.
Proposition 51 on the Nov. 8 ballot would raise $9 billion for school construction and renovation projects throughout the state, and voters in five Sonoma County school districts are positioned to qualify for a share of the money.
Three candidates have filed to fill the two empty seats on the Sebastopol City Council and one other is running as a write-in candidate.
Still confused on the issues or candidates? Check out our voter guide before you head to the polls.
In order for California to receive federal Medicaid funds, which are distributed through the Medi-Cal program, the state needs to provide matching funds. To do that, the state set up a program seven years ago that charges all California hospitals a fee to raise money for those matching funds.
As if this year’s election wasn’t tawdry enough already, voters are being asked to decide whether the state needs to take a more active role in ensuring that condoms are used in the production of pornographic movies.
An impartial observer might conclude that Donald Trump’s recent slide in the polls is a product of his own behavior, such as his bragging in a 2005 video about his prowess in making unwanted sexual advances toward women.
Overwhelmed by all the choices this November? Here are the Editorial Board's recommendations to date for the upcoming election.
California has some of the nation’s toughest gun laws, including mandatory background checks and a 10-day waiting period on all firearm purchases.
We accept that legalization of marijuana is probably an inevitability in California. But this is neither the right time nor the right proposition to make this happen.
The governor sold Proposition 30 as a temporary tax package in order to get fiscal moderates to go along with the idea. Now Brown is sitting on the sidelines as special interests push to extend the tax without the sales tax component and without his support or opposition.
As its 100th anniversary approaches in two years, Santa Rosa Junior College is embarking on an ambitious $410 million construction program to upgrade facilities and restore heritage buildings on its main campus to serve students for another century.
Among the local contests to be decided on Nov. 8, few are as important as the Santa Rosa school board race. Here’s why.
Given the impacts from the rise in tourism over the past 24 years, increasing the hotel tax and using as much of the money as possible for road repair makes sense.
With its mix of Wine Country charm and big city chic, Healdsburg is a popular destination for tourists, entrepreneurs and urban transplants alike. But a family earning $150,000 a year would have a hard time buying a median-priced house in Healdsburg, forcing many people who work in town to commute long distances.
Stop us if you’ve heard this one: Healdsburg voters will be deciding whether to continue the city’s 60-year practice of fluoridating its water.
Measure S would allow the city to invest in badly needed workforce housing.
Issues of balance are at the core of this year’s City Council race which features six candidates competing for three seats. Here are our picks.
Proposition 51, a $9 billion bond act on the Nov. 8 ballot, is an opportunity to improve facilities for students in public schools and community colleges, including those here in Sonoma County.
At first glance, Proposition 61 on the Nov. 8 ballot looks like an opportunity to punish an avaricious industry. Unfortunately, it might backfire.
They say you can’t tell a book by its cover. But you can with this one. The cover on this one is old and tattered and needs help. Here are five reasons why voters should support Measure Y.
The GMO ban is back, and it is once again on the ballot as Measure M.
Proposition 57, if approved, would allow felons sentenced for less-violent crimes to apply for and receive early parole by receiving credit for education and good behavior opportunities. It also would allow judges, rather than prosecutors, to decide whether to try certain juveniles as adults.
Cities and counties across California started banning disposable plastic shopping bags nearly a decade ago — for good reason.
Among the six candidates in this election, here are our four endorsements and why.
Petaluma voters are lucky to have four strong candidates for the three City Council seats up for election on Nov. 8. They are incumbents Mike Healy, Gabe Kearney and Kathy Miller and Planning Commissioner Bill Wolpert.
Only one of these initiatives can deliver what it promises, and that’s Proposition 62.
Sonoma County residents have a history of arguing over what the future of this region should look like. But there’s remarkably little disagreement over what we don’t want to look like.
We believe the incumbents, Debora Fudge and Bruce Okrepkie, are the best qualified to steer Windsor through the important days ahead.
A library is a vital community asset, even in the internet age. Indeed, it’s been said that libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries.
When Santa Rosa voters cast their ballots this fall they will have an opportunity to resolve two issues that have been hanging over City Hall for several years, including one that has caused questions about the fairness of how funding for city departments is allocated.
Proposition 58 on the Nov. 8 ballot would repeal Proposition 228 and restore the ability of local school districts, in consultation with parents, to offer bilingual education programs.
Proposition 53 would force any large public works project financed with revenue bonds to go to a public vote.
Proposition 59 urges members of the Legislature to exercise their authority to propose an amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The objective: overturning Citizens United.
Readers know we frequently use this space to weigh in on the deadly risks of drunken driving, guns and the abuse of alcohol and illegal drugs. But there’s one thing that’s still a bigger killer than all of those combined — tobacco.
For all the discussion occurring in cities like Santa Rosa about the importance of transparency and open government, Sacramento remains something of a black hole when it comes to lawmaking.
Given her experience, Hillary Clinton is by far the most qualified candidate and deserves to make history as the first woman to be elected to the Oval Office.
We will be paying particular attention to how candidates respond in these three key areas.