Special Coverage: Historic El Capitan Climb

A site put together by Dawn Wall climber Tommy Caldwell, who scaled the rock face with Kevin Jorgeson of Santa Rosa, gives website visitors a first-person view of the daunting climb.
City leaders honored local climbing superstar Kevin Jorgeson this week with a proclamation praising his 'phenomenal accomplishments.'
The city council will honor Santa Rosa's climbing superstar Kevin Jorgeson on Tuesday for his 'phenomenal accomplishments' in climbing Dawn Wall, and for inspiring others to dream big.
Most reporters chose to cover the Yosemite climbers from below. But reporter Matt Brown hiked some 9 miles and 3,000 vertical feet to capture the story. Here is his behind the scenes look at the hike to the top.
56 years before Kevin Jorgeson and Tommy's Caldwell's historic climb to the summit, Calistoga's Wayne Merry and partners were the first to reach the top.
In Kevin Jorgeson’s historic journey, the local climbing community found a path through the process of mourning Brad Parker’s death. Parker, a Sebastopol resident, died in an August climbing accident.
The climb into the history books almost didn't happen for Santa Rosa's Kevin Jorgeson, who made it up El Capitan's Dawn Wall along with partner Tommy Caldwell on Wednesday. Jorgeson, who was stuck for days halfway up the giant rock, recalls the journey.
Photos of Kevin Jorgeson's and Tommy Caldwell's historic free climb up El Capitan's Dawn Wall.
After a historic 19-day free climb up Dawn Wall to the top of El Capitan in Yosemite, Santa Rosa's Kevin Jorgeson, who completed the effort Wednesday with partner Tommy Caldwell, called it 'the most intense experience' of his entire life.
With the eyes of the world watching, Santa Rosa native Kevin Jorgeson and climbing partner Tommy Caldwell hope to complete their historic free climb up the face of El Capitan's Dawn Wall on Wednesday.
A spokesperson for Santa Rosa's Kevin Jorgeson and his climbing partner Tommy Caldwell said Tuesday they will likely finish the historic climb up Dawn Wall tomorrow.
While many delight at the epic event in Yosemite, others are suspicious of the climbers’ motives.
Santa Rosa's Kevin Jorgeson has finally caught up to his partner, Tommy Caldwell, on the face of Yosemite's El Capitan. Now both are ready to finish the climb of their lives.
A Santa Rosa climber and his partner could reach El Capitan's summit later this week.
Kevin Jorgeson scored a major breakthrough Friday afternoon when he completed the length of Pitch 15, one of the climb's most difficult segments.
Follow Santa Rosa's Kevin Jorgeson and his climbing partner Tommy Caldwell of Colorado as they make their way up El Capitan's Dawn Wall using only ropes to prevent deadly falls.
Santa Rosa’s Kevin Jorgeson is trying to conquer the toughest section of an arduous route up the face of El Capitan, with a set of lacerated fingertips. If he and his partner are successful, it will take at least another week.
A Maria Carrillo grad and his climbing partner are preparing for an ascent that's like no other inside Yosemite National Park.
Sebastopol rock climber Kevin Jorgeson prepares to be the first free-climber ever to ascend Dawn Wall, a 3,000- foot route up El Capitan in Yosemite.