Special Coverage: Homelessness in Sonoma County

The city’s attempt to prevent illegal encampments has pushed homeless people from one place to the next. Government and nonprofit leaders have yet to find locations for them to live in peace.
Time is running out for about 100 homeless people who have settled in at a Santa Rosa business park, where they’ve drawn the ire of workers and prompted concern among city leaders, police and housing advocates.
The impact of homelessness in Sonoma County, Santa Rosa and other cities at times is clear to the naked eye on our streets, in our parks and along our trails, yet it also is invisible.
A homeless man suspected in a double stabbing that briefly shut down a BART station last week was arrested Tuesday, authorities said.
October’s devastating wildfires helped swell Sonoma County’s homeless population for the first time since 2011, raising the count by 6 percent to 2,996. Sonoma County has attempted to transition the homeless population into housing with much resistance. Explore our interactive timeline of events from 2016 to 2018.
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A new report by the group Homeless Action claims that homeless residents in Sonoma County are having their rights systematically violated by police, outreach workers and other authorities.
Firefighters put out a small grass fire Tuesday at a homeless camp along the Santa Rosa Creek Trail.
San Francisco voters will decide in November whether to tax large businesses to pay for homeless and housing services, an issue that set off a battle in another West Coast city struggling with income inequality.
Having spent a career questioning people in government, I would be the last person to say we should blindly embrace the conduct of the public’s business. Elected officials mess up. Elected officials need to be held accountable. But this is not the same as beginning every day with the assumption that all elected officials are dumb and corrupt.
After steadily declining for six years, homelessness is on the rise in Sonoma County.
More than 30 RVs, trailers and cars are parked nightly at a west Santa Rosa business park, creating tension between businesses and homeless people sleeping in their vehicles.
County officials say a 6 percent bump in homelessness since the October fires is a sign of an 'advancing wave of homelessness.'
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It’s beyond laughable that a one-bedroom apartment can sell for $1.5 million in San Francisco — and get multiple offers within a day. Or that dumpsters sport satirical “for rent” signs. Or that the asking price for a side order of Brussels sprouts at many restaurants is $16.
This year's census of homeless individuals found a 6 percent rise in the total population to nearly 3,000 people, with 5 percent saying last October's fires are the cause.
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California voters can expect to see two housing-related bond measures on their November ballots after the state Legislature on Monday advanced a proposal to fund homeless aid.
People in a homeless camp near the Joe Rodota Trail were evicted Thursday after complaints of trespassing from property owners. Nine people have been arrested for trespassing since Wednesday.
Santa Rosa signed off on the $447 million budget Tuesday as it faces sharply higher fire recovery costs that far exceed the revenues needed to pay for them.