Special Coverage: Homelessness in Sonoma County

Proposition C would tax hundreds of San Francisco's wealthiest companies to help thousands of homeless and mentally ill residents, an effort that failed earlier this year in Seattle.
Police will seek a fourth murder charge against a man suspected in a string of brutal and deadly beatings of mostly homeless victims in the Los Angeles area after another person died, officials said Wednesday.
The action comes after city last month began towing large RVs and vehicles from encampment started in January at Northpoint Corporate Center in Santa Rosa.
Police say the man killed three people and injured four in attacks targeting sleeping homeless men in Southern California.
The removal operation, which could take weeks, represents the latest chapter in Sonoma County’s ongoing homeless saga.
Looking to the community’s past provides perspective on the crisis now unfolding on the county’s streets.
Homeless advocates are rushing to get RVs registered and mobile before a final sweep at Northpoint Corporate Center.
The first shelter in what's planned to be a Los Angeles-wide network of temporary housing sites for homeless people was unveiled Wednesday.
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When a homeless man gave a couple his last $20 for gas, they wanted to pay it forward with fundraising — but things haven’t gone according to plan.
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A woman sleeping in a cardboard box was struck and killed by heavy machinery operated by a road crew clearing a Modesto homeless camp, police said Wednesday.
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St. Vincent de Paul Sonoma County is reaching out to people living in RVs and other vehicles near Corporate Center Parkway in Santa Rosa, hoping to help them make their vehicles street legal.
Proposition 2 on the Nov. 6 ballot stands at the crossroads of two of California’ most intractable social issues: mental illness and homelessness.
Press Democrat readers suggest solutions for homelessness
The man admitted using his job as a nonprofit agency caseworker to divert funding for homeless veterans to pay his own rent.
Maybe it’s time to consider a test — a sanctioned campsite of fixed size for a fixed period of time, with toilets and showers, trash collection and outreach agencies present to help those in need.
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October’s devastating wildfires helped swell Sonoma County’s homeless population for the first time since 2011, raising the count by 6 percent to 2,996. Explore our interactive timeline of events from 2016 to present.