Stories from Bob Padecky

'If it wasn’t for sports,' said Lower Lake star Hokulani Wickard, 'I don’t know where I’d be.' An Honor Roll student, he'll represent the school Wednesday at The Press Democrat’s All-Empire sports award ceremony.
In 2010, Kelly Kulick became the first woman bowler to win a men's tournament. She'll join other women competing at Double Decker Lanes in Rohnert Park this weekend.
St. Vincent this week announced that Herzog, the former Casa Grande coach, is the Mustangs’ new leader.
This Sunday, at halftime of the Cal-Stanford basketball game, Ned Averbuck will receive the eighth annual Pete Newell Award.
The Casa Grande graduate and Eagles rookie played in only six of the team's regular-season games this season and won’t find out until Saturday if he’ll be activated for the Super Bowl — but his story doesn't start there.
After senior Courtney Shoda fell face-down on the pitch during a practice, Sonoma State’s coaches worked quickly to help save her life.
The Oklahoma QB became the latest in a line of troubled Heisman Trophy winners.
The Petaluma Panthers will be wearing helmets outfitted with sensors that can track player impacts.