Stories from Bob Padecky

Peter Parrick landed at Alabama A&M after his first college offer suddenly vanished and a new offer showed up on his Twitter feed.
The former Expos star didn’t get the necessary support in nine previous years on the ballot, and this is his 10th and final chance.
First woman from Sonoma County to make it to UFC is the personification of dedication, obsession and love of sport.
'They played good enough to win the state championship and I wouldn't be surprised,' the St. Bernard's coach said after the game.
Paskal is one of two writers for raiders.com. The 2009 graduate of Cardinal Newman knows and has interviewed everyone great and small in the organization, spending most of his time with the players.
John Porchivina lived football, inhaled it like oxygen. But not anymore.
After coaching at a summer program with the Alabama coach, Trent Herzog gained an understanding of Nick Saban.
A simple text with the Browns practice schedule told the former Cardinal Newman player that he had made an NFL roster.
In the North Coast Section, only three large-school leagues have girls soccer still playing in the fall: NBL, SCL and Humboldt Del-Norte.
Wheelchair-bound at 3, the recent Petaluma High School graduate now has a cross country scholarship.