Stories from Bob Padecky

The Petaluma Panthers will be wearing helmets outfitted with sensors that can track player impacts.
J.R. Todd became the first African-American to win both the Funny Car and Top Fuel competition in NHRA history.
Paul Maytorena, the longtime boss of Casa Grande baseball program, has led his team to No. 1 seed in this season’s North Coast Section tournament.
Byron Craighead, the SRJC Hall of Famer and athletic trainer for USA bobsled in three Winter Olympics, talks about his friend who died earlier this month.
For David Carrillo, who lost his mother to murder when he was a baby, the Raiders were like the family he never had. The team's move to Las Vegas is changing all of that.
Tommie Smith, one of two black U.S. athletes who raised their fists on the medal podium at the 1968 Olympics, told his story at SSU.
Andrew Cameron has had a torn biceps tendon, two concussions, two shoulder surgeries, three knee surgeries and doesn't regret a moment of football.
Santa Rosa High School is honoring its longtime cross country coach at a meet this Saturday.