Stories from Chris Smith

Set to premiere Sept. 13, the movie features some of the 148-year-old city’s biggest names from the past and present.
John Nienstedt resigned last year amid charges his Twin Cities archdiocese had failed to protect children. He’s now living in the Santa Rosa diocese.
With the annual gathering starting Sunday, local 'Burners' are packing up necessities and getting ready to hit the road.
Retired restaurateur Tony Prendusi counts meeting Mother Teresa among the greatest blessings of his life.
Despite knee and ankle pain, Andy Esquivel, whose son Drew was struck by a car and killed last month, said 'I would never forgive myself if I used him as an excuse to quit.'
Dogs are to blame for the astounding way that we come to cherish them. They started it.
The gist of a long, sweet story is that some angels wear the uniform of the Santa Rosa Fire Department.
Though he hopes for the best, PD photographer Kent Porter is concerned that he is already back on the fire lines — and we’re still a month-plus from the heart of fire season.
Dyan Foster, who founded numerous programs for at-risk youths in Sonoma County, died Sunday.
Ashes in a temporary urn were stolen from a Santa Rosa man’s garage last week.