Stories from Chris Smith

More than 70 years ago over Germany, Darrel Shumard of Sebastopol bailed out of a fighter plane much like the one that showed up at the Wings Over Wine Country air show.
Don Green will bring copies of “Defining Moments” to the celebration that starts at 2 p.m. on Oct. 22 at the Green Music Center.
More than a year after images of the ugly encounter between a Petaluma teen and a sheriff's deputy ignited community passions, a convicted Gabbi Lemos — and her mom — are off to jail for their actions.
What started 8 years ago as a break room jam session has evolved into an 18-member band made up of Bay Area bus drivers that can carry a tune.
Julie Atwood is among those pleading we act not only to provide for ourselves after the next great calamity, but prepare to help others.
It’s not every day a dispatcher gets coffee delivered because of an inadvertent call.
At the Healdsburg Half Marathon, early-early the morning of Oct. 9, Teray McBride will be dressed in a wedding gown. Kirk Elrod will sport a tuxedo-ish T-shirt.
Jeff Andrews, the 2006 Montgomery High graduate paralyzed in a snowboarding accident, is thriving in his newest sport of surfing.
Sonoma County’s 'Pasta King' Art Ibleto turns 90 in October. Friends have persuaded him to set aside a bit of time to celebrate his birthday with the community he loves and serves.
The movie, made by a former producer for the History Channel, features some of the 148-year-old city’s biggest names from the past and present.