Stories from Chris Smith

An emotional meeting at a saved neighborhood, temporary new homes for a farmers market and more.
Stories in abundance bear out that not all was lost, not by a long shot.
What the firestorms that struck in the darkness late Sunday night and early Monday have inflicted so far is war-like, so vastly devastating that it’s beyond comprehension.
Bucket brigades and brave neighbors saved the day Monday in Rincon Valley.
For Joan Felt and her sons, this is the most exciting and public their lives have been since they learned along with the rest of the world of Mark Felt’s role in unraveling the Watergate scandal.
Santa Rosa is joining cities around the world that are taking part in simultaneous performance of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller.’ Want to join in? Here’s how.
An intentional night on a sidewalk and bed of cardboard, a reprise performance for a 94-year-old Giants fan and Jim Belushi sings for pizza.
A historic Santa Rosa hotel and a radio station mark their anniversaries together, Katie Fonsen Young ascends and Santa Rosa High will just once allow cars on the lawn.
A beloved dance teacher bows out; a chance to beat a taiko drum and more.
Community pitches in after New Horizon School is vandalized, the teaching rainbow in Sebastopol and final honors for a lawman.