Stories from Chris Smith

A fire-zone curiosity is resolved, a coin collection is returned and Oakmont pays it forward.
National Guardsmen promised to keep a Santa Rosa couple's beloved myrtle tree alive during October's fires and that's exactly what they did.
Some local lawyers who voluntarily assist fire victims, donate to disaster relief and practice civility.
‘Drawing Strength’ will feature a conversation, reception and book-signing next Saturday at the Schulz Museum.
The sports fields at Ragle Ranch Park will be named for Rudy Theiller.
A small town’s general store gives up on hardware and feed; a cat named Thomas returns from the dead.
The glowing cross of stones on an east Santa Rosa hillside; the solved mystery of ‘8381’ and more from PD columnist Chris Smith.
The post-disaster non-sale outside countless garages, the search for loved ones’ ashes and the late dentist’s refrain for the mayor, from PD columnist Chris Smith
Friends from high school presented old photographs to a couple who lost their home to the flames.
At the age of 11, Colby Groom told his family he wanted to do something to help other kids avoid what he’d been through.