Stories from Chris Smith

It comforted Sarah Tukman’s broken heart to return to the ruins of her home at Wallace and Riebli roads northeast of Santa Rosa and see that her beehive was still intact. But her relief didn't last for long.
Kenwood’s firefighters display a gift from two buddies who know something about the heat of battle, and service above self.
Jon “Woody” Watson won over bad guys, saved lives and prevented nasty situations from getting worse in his 33 years as a deputy.
A Santa Rosa firefighter, who lost his home in the Tubbs fire, and his father got well-deserved special treatment during a visit to Russian River Brewing Co. on Monday.
A billboard in the burn zone honors the late Valerie Evans and her cow, Angel.
The people who took Mack home from the county shelter and named him Phoenix relinquished him to his original family.
The people who adopted the cat from a shelter after it escaped the Tubbs fire say he’s doing well and going nowhere.
You might imagine that to look at the model of their former house would make Steve Baker and Melania Kang sad. Quite the opposite.
A badly burned hen recovers enough to move to paradise outside of Petaluma; the cat DNA test is completed.
A chance to own a rare ZAP mini-truck; Demand in strong for a fire-inspired Snoopy poster, and a chance to thank Pat Kerrigan.