Stories from Gaye Lebaron

Pedersen’s furniture store is among the few remaining businesses boasting a century of local ownership. What’s to say about its closure next year?
Santa Rosa recently opened a 50-year time capsule; Gaye LeBaron wonders what should go into the next.
The adult community developed along Highway 12 in the early 1960s has prospered and grown. Santa Rosa has much to do with its success.
PD columnist Gaye LeBaron tackles February’s nutty weather, Presidents Day, Bouverie Preserve and Johnny Mathis’ hair.
A 50-year time capsule was dug up in downtown Santa Rosa and here’s what it contained.
Railroad Square has had its share of disappointments, but has survived and prospered.
Once upon a time, Santa Rosa cops had to grow pot to see what it looked like; now it’s available at stores.
There is plenty to rejoice and be hopeful about at the end of 2017 despite a most difficult year.
When innovations come along, we are so quick to discard the old. But PD columnist Gaye LeBaron will never give up her Rolodex. It contains several chapters of her life story.
The regal monarch butterfly, which migrates from Canada to Mexico every winter, is just as much a part of Thanksgiving in Bodega Bay as turkey and stuffing. PD columnist Gaye LeBaron explains why.