Stories from Gaye Lebaron

Americans are a celebratory lot with a keen memory for anniversaries. Here are few you may not have noticed and other memories that mark the passage of time for many of us.
Oliver Clay Hopkins knew his Petaluma-to-San Francisco route so well, the conductors would hold their departure if he was late. He was something of a Bay Area celebrity.
There are at least four exhibits in Sonoma County museums about America’s role in World War I, a conflict known ironically as “The War to End All Wars.” PD columnist Gaye LeBaron takes a look back at how it changed our community.
It may not have a courthouse any more. But PD columnist Gaye LeBaron says the reunified Old Courthouse Square is poised to become the center of Santa Rosa once again, a role it fulfilled through the city’s history.
Sci-fi author Frank Herbert and ABC White House correspondent Cecilia Vega may be two of the best-known bylines that used to grace the pages of The Press Democrat, but the newspaper has a long history as a cradle of literary and journalistic talent.
It was a general merchandise outlet but also, in its heyday, it was something akin to the Capitol of the Sonoma Coast.
If you are among those who find rhetoric about law-breaking, gang-banging, terrorist immigrants unsettling, you might feel the need for a happy immigrant story. If so, this is your lucky day.
It was the little station that could when it launched in 1984, carving out a niche that’s grown to 825,000 viewers. CEO Nancy Dobbs has been at the helm since the start.
Norma McCorvey, the Jane Roe of the historic Roe v. Wade abortion rights case, lived in Forestville for a time. PD columnist Gaye LeBaron reexamines the local history of McCorvey, now the subject of a new play.
Wistfulness coats our memories of the five drive-ins that served Sonoma County moviegoers until the last drive-in closed in the mid 1980s. PD columnist Gaye LeBaron recounts the local history of the drive-in.