Stories from Grant Cohn

New coach Kyle Shanahan gave his dad an office in the 49ers building even though he’s not a team employee.
A new coach and a new system ramped up the pressure to perform on several veteran players.
The veteran linebacker had difficulty in OTAs covering even the slowest receivers.
The new coach has no qualms about hands-on involvement at OTA drills.
Kyle Shanahan has tweaked the blocking strategy, a subtle change that will have a big impact.
Golden State's head coach is the 800-pound gorilla in the room. Or, more accurately, not in the room.
This past Thursday the NFL released the 49ers' 2017 schedule. So, for fun, let’s go through it week by week and pick which games the team might win.
The Giants’ 5-9 record is not a fluke, says Pressdemocrat.com columnist Grant Cohn. He predicts the Giants will not make the postseason this year. Is he right?
History proves that no running back, other than Bo Jackson, is worth the No. 2 pick.
Grant Cohn thinks he knows which quarterback the 49ers will take in the upcoming draft. Find out who — and why they may be heading to the Bay Area later this month.