Stories from Grant Cohn

49ers coach a stark opposite to the winning-is-everything style of Bill Walsh and Jim Harbaugh.
The 49ers have to figure out how to run the ball without Carlos Hyde, and their run defense needs to step up.
Passes over the middle in the first half worked 72.7 percent of the time Sunday, but after halftime, throwing mostly to the sidelines, that figure dropped to 27.7 percent.
Colin Kaepernick’s return to the starting lineup was the story of the week, and his performance Sunday will be key to the game’s outcome.
Moving in the upcoming bye week would give the interim GM time to reorganize scouting and begin preparations for draft and free agency.
Both teams started the season with disappointing 1-3 records, but only one of them is missing its quarterback.
Coach Chip Kelly said it's a matter of his backup QB's playing weight, as if he were a sumo wrestler.
Seattle QB Russell Wilson is undefeated against the 49ers, but that streak could end this weekend.
When it comes to moving the ball, the Niners’ offense under Chip Kelly averaged 4.4 yards per play through two games — second-lowest in the NFL.
The Niners were one of the worst defenses in the league on the road last season and get a trip to Carolina in Week 2.