Stories from Grant Cohn

It’s easy to understand why Chip Kelly would want Colin Kaepernick as the backup. The alternative is Jeff Driskel, a rookie sixth-round pick.
In the aftermath of Friday’s exhibition loss to the Packers, the new coach looked like he had just seen the Angel of Death.
With almost $50 million in cap space and one of the worst rosters in the NFL, it’s time for 49ers to get creative.
The QB completed only 55.8 percent of his passes his first five NFL seasons and just 60.9 percent in college.
The veteran 49ers QB didn’t play in Sunday’s preseason game against the Houston Texans and hasn’t thrown a pass in practice since last Wednesday.
The Niners are one of just a few teams that still hasn’t decided whom to start at quarterback.
Tom Gamble’s stock is up. Has been for a while. Many NFL owners include him on the list of candidates to hire as general manager.
Each has built — or is building — teams of championship caliber.
The 49ers have a brutal schedule next season. They may not win much. But, here are the most-winnable ones.
The new Warriors star was introduced to the Bay Area on Thursday.