Stories from Grant Cohn

The 49ers got it right the second time. They separated themselves from Reuben Foster, at least for now.
The Warriors’ top scorers and best players Monday night were Kevin Durant, who scored 32, and Klay Thompson, who had 31.
For more than a month, the Warriors seemed to be collapsing without their best player, Stephen Curry. But that month doesn’t matter anymore, right?
What will the 49ers do with their former first-round draft pick in the wake of his being charged with domestic violence?
Kevin Durant had 29 points, 11 rebounds and eight assists, and Golden State overcame a sloppy start.
The LA Rams — right in the 49ers' division — might have assembled the most talented roster in the NFL.
Golden State coach had nothing as challenging in his first three years with team.
Injuries derailed Golden State’s momentum after the All-Star break and raised questions about their postseason prospects.
Three top-tier players were targeted, but SF couldn't land even one of them.
The annual prospect evaluation at Indianapolis revealed potential draft picks across all seven rounds.