Stories from Grant Cohn

Speed will matter more than size — in the backfield and along the offensive line.
Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch were seemingly everywhere a week and a half ago, then Foster got arrested.
Two Super Bowl championship quarterbacks, two compelling arguments to make each case — and two different versions of the NFL to consider.
The talented middle linebacker was arrested twice since the end of his rookie season.
Philadelphia will try to win the franchise’s first NFL championship since 1960 — before there was a Super Bowl.
With Kirk Cousin headed to free agency, the 49ers can consider trading Jimmy Garoppolo for multiple draft picks and signing Cousins.
The Patriots coach has been a leading factor in the sterilization of what has been America's No. 1 sport.
An old nemesis stands in New England’s path while NFC final is a duel between two fill-in quarterbacks.
The stellar young linebacker was arrested at home in Alabama after the season on a marijuana charge.
Defensive coordinator Robert Saleh described the newest coach as a valuable addition to defensive system.