Stories from Grant Cohn

Quarterbacks of value aren’t so plentiful in the NFL that the Redskins will risk losing one.
There are significantly fewer exceptional coaches in the NFL than in college football because college coaches aren’t restricted to a draft and a salary cap.
Personnel and coaching changes put Kyle Shanahan’s squad in position to show dramatic improvement this season.
More than in any training camp competition, the pressure on these men of leadership will be palpable.
While most teams run the ball primarily between the tackles, 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan runs the ball primarily outside the tackles.
Management paid more than $180 million — the fifth-largest opening-day payroll in baseball — on a team that can’t pitch, hit or field, and is on pace to lose 105 games.
New coach Kyle Shanahan gave his dad an office in the 49ers building even though he’s not a team employee.
A new coach and a new system ramped up the pressure to perform on several veteran players.
The veteran linebacker had difficulty in OTAs covering even the slowest receivers.
The new coach has no qualms about hands-on involvement at OTA drills.