Stories from Grant Cohn

The NBA champs are a tired team, and he’s a tired player. They need to make changes right now, just as the Chicago Bulls dynasty did in the mid-1990s.
The former 49ers lineman died at age 66, mere days after the passing of his former teammate Dwight Clark.
There are a few givens on the roster, but these five players have to step up this season.
The Golden State All-Star set a championship series mark with nine 3-pointers on Sunday.
Don’t get caught up in distractions of Game 1’s final minutes — look what we learned in the whole game.
Golden State's play in the first five games of the Western Conference final have dug their hole for them.
The top defender won’t be available for critical game before series shifts back to Houston.
Green was the MVP of the Pelicans series on offense and defense, but can’t affect the Rockets the same way.
Competition for playoff spot will be out of team’s reach this season, so they’re staying the course.
Houston likely will be the strongest opponent Steve Kerr’s team has faced in any playoff series.