Stories from Home And Garden

Now that it’s legal to grow a few pot plants for personal use in Sonoma County, here are some tips from a gardening expert on how to make sure they thrive (and that you comply with the law).
Now is a good time to think about planting your late-season crop and harvest, if you want to enjoy the fruits of your garden through the fall.
From private garden tours to rosé and roses to French decor, there's a little bit of something for every gardening fan coming up on the North Coast.
A visit to reseller and retailer Elsie Green’s new store in the Barlow is a master class in housewares curation and home design, as the brand takes French vintage home decor a step further.
Do little Leaf lindens grow here? What is a Roo Apron and what’s up with that ivy-like plant called Fatshedera? The garden docs know.
Phormiums, Japanese maples, perennials with pretty foliage and succulents will color your garden when flowers have faded.
Some people faced with rebuilding their homes after October’s wildfires are designing homes that more closely reflect their personal values and the changing needs of their families. Take a look.
Life is short, and the new thinking is that gardeners will be happier with what they grow if they focus only on crops they actually love to eat.
There is lots going on for garden lovers. Take a walk to see butterflies, pick up new plants, visit coastal gardens or learn how to prune roses mid season.
Annuals live only one short season. But you can bring back their beauty next year by harvesting and storing their seed. Follow these tips.