Stories from Home And Garden

Manzanita, California Bay trees, willows and madrone are putting on a show now. Consider working some early bloomers into your own landscape.
We’ve put together tips and guidelines to help better prepare you and your family if disaster strikes.
The Garden docs discuss sprouting seeds in paper towels and whether to irrigate with warm water or cold.
It’s the North Bay gardener’s lament — gophers eat everything up to ground level, and the deer eat everything down to ground level.W
After preserving the former owner’s Japanese interior, a Sea Ranch homeowner determines to finally make it her own.
Learn how to create mosaics out of broken China at a meeting of the Petaluma Garden Club and more.
Polish your green thumb with free workshops on backyard grape-growing, tending oaks and fruit tree pruning
Sonoma County’s Garden Doctors offer prescription for pesticide use and cleaning your clay pots and tools
Have you always dreamed about having your own vineyard? An upcoming event in Santa Rosa will show you how to do it.
Grafting or pre-grafted trees can let you grow multiple varieties of produce at the same time.