Stories from Home And Garden

Daily Acts, the Sonoma County Water Agency and the City of Santa Rosa will be hosting two community meetings to help fire victims plan plan their garden replantings. Check out other workshops on pruning, container gardening, water-wise gardening and more.
Brad Villegiante and Caroline Hall apply paint, fresh new furnishings and designer touches to their 1905 Queen Anne. They are marketing the light-filled home where they live as an occasional location for commercial photo shoots.
Kate Frey takes a drive through Santa Rosa’s burned neighborhoods and offers a close up view of how gardens and landscape are recovering six months after the firestorms of October.
The Sebastopol Seed Library offers barley, amaranth, quinoa and heritage wheats as well as seed for more common garden food crops.
Sonoma County’s garden gurus talk about the slow burn organic matter called biochar and offer tips about cutting grasses and covering seedlings.
Robin Stockwell discovered succulents before they were cool, becoming one of the West Coast’s biggest growers.
King’s Nursery will be 'giving away the farm' Saturday, March 10. with a free rose bush for the first 1,000 customers.
Watering, row covers and nontoxic slug bait will help your garden get through the last cold days of winter.
Bare-root planting saves money, but time is running out. Here’s what you need to know.
Sierra Vasquez will share her favorite seasonal varieties of classic and unusual greens and recipes to put them to use in inventive ways.