Stories from Home And Garden

A Santa Rosa professional organizer shares some of her best tips for those resolving to be more organized in the new year.
Unlike herbaceous perennial plants that die back to the ground each winter, subshrubs maintain a woody framework of branches from which new growth emerges in spring.
No longer just for the holidays, string lights are being incorporated into all manner of decor. Here’s where you can find them around Sonoma County, and how to brighten your home inside and out.
It may be the dormant season, but there’s plenty to do in the yard and garden at this time of year.
Treat your house to a breath of fresh air for New Year’s.
Learn how to save on your home energy bill at a series of workshops held through January, and more.
A Healdsburg floral designer shares decorating secrets to a dramatic, Pinterest-worthy arrangement for your candlelit holiday.
We want our gardens to look well-kept even in winter. But what do we cut back now, what is the best way to trim and what should we save for later?
Need a gift for the greenthumb on your list? Try one of these books.
Small stepping stones help you maintain garden beds without compacting soil.