Stories from Home And Garden

Sebastopol woman who sang in “A Charlie Brown Christmas” as a child welcomes visitors on Holiday Home Tour.
Over time, an artist and her architect husband have worked to transform their house into an astonishing piece of living art.
A family retreat in Glen Ellen was recognized by the American Institute of Architects for its simple and elegant design that honors the natural setting.
Floral designer Jaclyn K. Nesbitt shares her tips for creating a beautiful autumn floral arrangement to display on your Thanksgiving table.
Spread seed now for a spring display
An upcoming workshop will help you get started on your fall/winter garden chores.
This week’s calendar includes workshops on wreaths, tiny indoor gardens and butterflies.
Far from menacing, the flying mammals are actually good neighbors, dining on many of the insects that go after food crops.
Attend a workshop on butterflies and more in our list of upcoming home and garden events.
A number of Sonoma County nurseries present many ideas for wonderful and locally appropriate plants to add to your gardens. Here are three to visit.