Stories from Lowell Cohn

The Raiders’ wide-open offense vs. the Chiefs’ buttoned-down offense: Which offense prevails Thursday night?
The San Francisco QB had an all-time bad passing performance against the Bears, and then he got benched.
Sunday's 29-point comeback against Buffalo was so stunning you wondering what was wrong in the first place.
What makes McKenzie so good, aside from his smarts and judgment?
The Michigan coach and former 49ers coach would rather poke out his own eyes than be a good loser.
It is unfair of the media to ask athletes questions about topics other than their sport.
The Oakland QB orchestrated his fifth fourth-quarter comeback victory of the season to beat the Carolina Panthers on Sunday.
Derek Carr is only 25 and he’s just in his third NFL season and he’s already very good. How did he get good so fast?
Hall of Fame ballot time in baseball. Getting into Cooperstown — or not — is a big deal.
Sunday's halftime celebration of Eddie DeBartolo was a stark contrast to what has happened.