Stories from Lowell Cohn

The quarterback will see his first action of the preseason against the Packers on Friday.
The series opener Tuesday in Los Angeles is the first of nine meetings between the old rivals in the season’s final weeks.
Coco Crisp feels hurt because the A’s won’t give him $13 million. Should they?
I wondered why Chip Kelly felt extremely comfortable after the 49ers lost Sunday's preseason game.
Wednesday’s game continued the pattern of bad, the Giants doing just enough to lose. And there’s something mysterious about the whole thing.
Blaine Gabbert overcame a slow start to pull a little ahead of sidelined Colin Kaepernick.
To hear the 49ers tell it, everything’s normal with Colin Kaepernick.
The NFL is a bitter, hard world and the Raiders have to seize what they want. Entirely possible but not a cinch.
If Blaine Gabbert were a better quarterback, he'd have sewn up the 49ers’ quarterback competition by now.
The Angels have released two-time Cy Young Award winner after a failed comeback attempt this summer.