Stories from Michele Anna Jordan

Michele Anna Jordan introduces a new, conical shaped cabbage, with recipes on what to do with it.
Enotria 2012 Mendocino County Barbera is big and brawny, a good match with braised meats and liver.
La Follette 2013 North Coast Pinot Noir pairs with earthy flavors, including a beet gnocchi with walnut-sage butter.
Eggplant is not only beautiful to look at, but a versatile and tasty ingredient in the kitchen.
Okra can be a challenge if you’ve had a bad experience, which typically means it has been slimy. Here’s how to cook an enjoyable version of okra.
Amici 2014 Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc, our wine of the week, pairs well with fish tacos.
Watermelon salads and gazpachos are showing up on local farm fresh menus.
Refreshing ahi salad paired with Sidebar 2015 Russian River Valley Rosé
Broaden the wine’s appeal with dishes that mitigate the alcohol in this delicate, dry pinot.
The Edmeades zin can take a bit of heat, but overdoing the hot sauce will overpower its silky smooth flavor.