Stories from Outdoors

Night nature photography isn’t a hobby for those averse to long hours standing in the cold and the dark, but the results can be surreal using a technique known as 'light painting.'
Baby, it’s cold outside. But it’s beautiful if you can bundle up and take advantage of these events that bring out the best of the season.
The Gray pine, also known as the ghost pine, appears to float on hillsides. The cones are an important food source for wildlife.
Imagine carrying in your wallet a pocket knife scaled down to the size and shape of a credit card. That’s what you get with the SwissCard Classic by Victorinox, makers of the Swiss Army Knife.
Need a thoughtful break from the stress of the holiday hustle? A new show at the SRJC Planetarium is the perfect place to gaze at the heavens and reflect.
When temperatures drop, the right under layer is as important as the outer layer.
Winter is a great time to enjoy the park's scenery without summer's crowds.
A girls run, a fire talk, and how to take better pictures of waterfowl — all in a week’s outdoor events listings.
Adapting to trails, sidewalks and snow, the Thule Cheetah XT trailer is a kid transport for all seasons.
Nearly every native tree, bush and grassland affected by the Tubs and Nuns Fires has a strategy for returning, which visitors can see sprouting in many places now.