Stories from Outdoors

As the Santa Rosa state park rebounds from the October wildfires, a citizens’ group is taking shape to protect the park’s lesser known but vital resources.
Looking for a way to bridge your summer worlds of land and water? The new generation of webbed water shoes fit like an athletic shoe.
From the official start of summer to hikes across the foothills, it’s a great week to get outdoors.
June is the time of year in Sonoma County that baby foxes begin to peek out from their dens. Here's what to know about these adorable animals.
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A new generation of outdoor mats let the dirt and sand trickle through, without letting it back in.
There are more insects viewable on the average outdoors excursion than you can shake a stick at. New nature guides make bug-identification easy and fun.
Get your kids outside, take yourself on a bike ride, or help build wildlife habitat. It’s all in Sonoma Outdoors events this week.
Divers joined forces to cull purple urchins from a central Sonoma Coast cove, removing 7,100 pounds of the critters in their first outing.
Having a campfire is part of the fun while camping, and a new protective cover helps keep it safe.