Stories from Paul Gullixson

“We are so much better than this . . . This is not helping us.” — Protester in plaid lumberjack shirt pleading as demonstrators watch a limousine burn on streets of Washington, D.C
One cold gray day in early December, Adolph became very ill. He had diphtheria. This was a time when as many as 13,000 to 17,000 children died every year from the disease in the United States alone. According to the doctor, it was very serious.
Is truth the biggest casualty of the presidential election? Based on the discourse of the past few weeks, that would appear to be the case.
If you look at the numbers, it is a dead heat. And, worse, it’s starting to feel a lot like the 2000 race.
What hangs in the balance are things such as credibility, character and something Americans used to value — the truth.
They say you can’t tell a book by its cover. But you can with this one. The cover on this one is old and tattered and needs help. Here are five reasons why voters should support Measure Y.
Who in the world made the decision that Santa Rosa wanted to become the new Amsterdam?
The Rio Games were supposed to be as much a disaster as the 1936 Berlin games were to be a showcase of Hitler’s warped belief in racial supremacy. But in both cases, the outcome has been something very different.
We’ve become accustomed to seeing tax increases during difficult economic times to help the state, cities and counties stay afloat. But why so many now in an otherwise good — if not robust — time?