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Not only were many anti-Clinton stories prior to the 2016 election fake, so were people behind them
If change is going to occur, it’s certainly not going to come from the NFL, which begins another season today, a season that, despite the CTE concerns, is expected to generate nearly $14 billion in revenue.
The responses that I received from my last column were thoughtful and creative if not always hopeful.
Write or call me with your suggestions on how we can move past the acrimony of our current discourse. We need something.
When all is said in done, we have to ask: Is this really going to make Santa Rosa a better place to live and raise a family?
For the worst example of how the intelligence community can be politicized, one need only look at the Watergate scandal.
We live in an age when people are hard-wired to believe such stories — tales that fuel emotions and confirm perceptions and prejudices.