Stories from Paul Gullixson

The Rio Games were supposed to be as much a disaster as the 1936 Berlin games were to be a showcase of Hitler’s warped belief in racial supremacy. But in both cases, the outcome has been something very different.
We’ve become accustomed to seeing tax increases during difficult economic times to help the state, cities and counties stay afloat. But why so many now in an otherwise good — if not robust — time?
On the same day of Donald Trump’s excommunication of the Post, a Gallup Poll showed that America’s confidence in newspapers had reached an all-time low.
It seems as if all of Sonoma County has been asking the same question for the past few days. It’s not a question, really. It’s more of a number followed by a question mark, as in '$9.50?'
Gap-year discussions are in vogue with the news that Malia Obama, the president’s older daughter, will be taking a year off before starting her freshman year of college.
If Sonoma County is at a crossroads on homelessness, Pete Mogannam of 4th Street Deli and Market has the best view of it.
According to Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, fatalities and injuries have been cut in half since 1980. Still, on average, 27 people die every day in alcohol-related accidents. And there will be more stories like this today.
Two years, four months and 15 days have passed since a 13-year-old boy named Andy Lopez was shot and killed amid an island of county homes bordering southwest Santa Rosa.