Stories from Pete Golis

Friends tell me the media are to blame for building up Donald Trump — and for tearing him down, too.
Under the governor’s 'by-right' plan, any multi-family housing project that includes low-income units and is located on a site zoned for multi-family housing could proceed to construction, free of additional hometown or neighborhood efforts to delay it.
I find myself seeking small ways to reconnect with people and push away the gloom. No doubt you have your own remedies. Here are some of mine.
We were reminded last month that the disenchantment of voters is not unique to the U.S.
When it comes to highways and streets, years of neglect have left state and local governments in a deep hole.
While the factions within the Democratic Party prepared for yet another battle, the Republican Party in Sonoma County continued to find ways to be irrelevant
Before the end of the year, the new Old Courthouse Square will become the city’s newest and most ambitious public space.
Fifteen months have passed since the Santa Rosa council placed housing and homelessness atop its list of priorities, and 15 months have passed since Gov. Brown told Press Democrat Editorial Director Paul Gullixson: 'The problem is you don’t want housing up there.'
Donald Trump may be many things, but a genial optimist isn’t one of them.
Once upon a time, state government was dedicated to the proposition that life should be better for all Californians. Now the state wants to charge admission to publicly-owned, Sonoma County beaches — an arrangement sure to punish people who don’t have a lot of money.