Stories from Wine Business

The initiative by the trade group will feature a best practices manual and a new hire to work with activists to help resolve traffic and noise issues.
The measure goes back to the Assembly, where an earlier version failed by just four votes in June.
Almost a year after his Lagunitas Brewing Co. announced a partnership with Heineken, Tony Magee talks about what next: a new European brewery, a beer-inspired meat business and more.
Local grape growers have moved into harvesting grapes for still wine.
State and USDA say the European grapevine moth has been eradicated from California and its quarantine restrictions have been lifted.
Speakers at Yountville’s Wines & Vines Packaging Conference testified to the importance of packaging in making or breaking a brand.
The Center for Biological Diversity has contested a Napa County official’s decision to approve the Walt Ranch vineyard project.
Terrill Cellars’ Tuscan Village Winery in Lower Lake was destroyed as the blaze spread through the town’s business district.
The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau has offered an online tutorial for those applying for a federal alcohol permit.