Here’s an interesting fact: For the price of a Starbucks mocha, you can buy a tasty bottle of wine.

Of course, you’ll have an even broader range of options if you expand your price point to $10.

None of this is lost on the everyday wine drinker. This is particularly true of the millennials, those ages 21 to 35, who are becoming one of the most powerful segments within the group of everyday wine drinkers.

Morgan Twain-Peterson of Bedrock Wine Company and August Sebastiani of The Other Guys said they are not specifically courting any particular age group. But they do market with an eye toward great bargains.

“Our entire approach is all about a mindset of easygoing, youthful, approachable wines, crafted for those who like affordable daily wines that over-deliver for their particular price points,” said Sebastiani, president of The Other Guys.

The trick of over-delivering, Sebastiani explained, is developing long-term relationships with growers that may span generations, and then being nimble.

“It opens doors for us to jump on value opportunities that arise unexpectedly in the marketplace,” Sebastiani said. “A balance of long-term contracts and spot buys is where we optimize our sourcing.”

Here are some suggestions for everyday wines that can generally be found for $10 or less on retail shelves in Sonoma County. (Suggested retail prices could be higher.)

Shebang! California Red Wine, $10. A meaty multivintage red with dense fruit, roasted herbs and pepper. Knockout.

Plungerhead, 2012 Lodi Zinfandel, $10. This zin is packed with tasty blackberry and strawberry fruit. Briary, with notes of tobacco and white pepper in the mix. Zesty finish.

Coppola, 2013 California Rosso, $7. This wine has a range — cherry, strawberry and mocha. Juicy, with a round texture. Firm tannins. Edgy.

Colby Red, 2012 California Red Blend, $9. This is a tasty blend of red fruit, herbs and pepper. It’s balanced, buoyed with bright acidity. Smart.

Borsao, 2013 Garnacha, $7. Floral, with bright berry and pepper on the palate. Slightly sweet. Approachable.

Coltibuono Cetamura 2013 Sienna, Italy Chianti, $8. A wine with tasty red and black fruit. Notes of cherry, blackberry, cinnamon and clove. Nice acid. Good structure.

Garnacha de Fuego, 2013 Old Vines, Spain, $7. This wine has bright fruit and crisp acidity. Notes of cherry, herbs and pepper. Spicy finish.

Filus, 2013 Mendoza, Argentina Malbec, $8. A medium-bodied wine with notes of black fruit and licorice. Ripe tannins. A tasty quaffer.

Briccotondo, 2013 Piemonte Barbera, $10. This wine has juicy black fruit, coupled with black pepper and cinnamon. Ripe tannins. Crisp acidity. Solid.

Belleruche, Cotes du Rhone, $10. A smoky wine with layered flavors of ripe berry, herbs and pepper. Nice streak of spice.

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