Are you planning a trip to tropical climates like Hawaii, Baja, or Florida — places with warm, clear waters where bright-colored fish abound? If so, you may want a good mask, snorkel and fins while you’re there. While you can probably rent snorkel gear at your destination, the quality, condition and fit may not be the best (and daily rental costs add up). So consider bringing along a compact, highly-rated, budget-priced snorkel set such as U.S. Divers’ Adult Cozumel Set.

A popular recreational and entry-level snorkeling set, the Cozumel consists of four items: the Cozumel Mask, with two windows and three easily adjustable buckles that ensure a proper face fit; the Seabreeze Snorkel, with a splash guard to prevent water from entering the snorkel’s barrel, and a one-way purge valve for easy clearing; Proflex Fins, with a full foot pocket, a closed heel that lends more thrust to your kick, a 3-way buckle, and power- producing dual composite vented blades; and a mesh zippered travel gear bag with shoulder straps that compactly holds your set. The set comes in three sizes (S, M, L). From $30 to $40. Visit for more information.

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