Beer lovers from all over are expected to descend on Santa Rosa on Friday for Russian River Brewing Co.'s once-a-year limited release of its coveted Pliny the Younger triple IPA.

Here are some essential things to know before lining up outside the downtown pub.

Release date: Friday, Feb. 2 through Feb. 15

Address: 725 4th St. Santa Rosa

Doors open: 11 a.m.

History: Even though Pliny the Younger was first tapped in 2005, mobs didn’t start crashing the party until 2010 when Beer Advocate ratings crowned it the No. 1 beer in the world. That same year, Russian River Brewing Co. owners Vinnie and Natalie Cilurzo were totally blindsided and sold out in hours. By now, they have the hoppy two-week procession down to a science.

Here are the rules (or regula, in Pliny’s Latin):

- Pub capacity is 135 people.

- Once you’ve braved the lines, you can hang in the pub for no more than three hours with a max of three 10-ounce pours per person.

- Pliny is never bottled or sold in growlers.

- No drinking or smoking while in line No tents allowed, but chairs, umbrellas and rain gear (it’s been known to rain in February) are encouraged.

- No cuts (unless you’re one of the 14 daily line-cutting raffle winners who contributed $25 per raffle ticket in a fundraiser sponsored by the brewery following the October wildfires)

For more information on Russian River Brewing go here

4 tips for making the most of your CSA box

You’ve signed up for a CSA, and now it’s time to bring it home. Here are some tips on getting the most out of it.

Get a head start: As soon as you can, process the fresh vegetables so they are ready to eat or cook. Take the tops off beets and store them separately. Remove the tops from carrots, and chop the carrots into sticks. Wash your salad greens and put them in a Tupperware container lined with towels. Rib and chop kale, make a salsa out of your tomatoes, turn the basil into pesto. Freeze your berries.

Juicing for health: If you want to eat your veggies raw, consider buying a $25 juicer so you can energize with a fresh beet and carrot juice.

Clean house: The night before you pick up a new box, go through your crisper drawers and make a soup out of the vegetables remaining from last week. That way you avoid “food guilt” for wasting food, the No. 1 reason people leave a CSA,

Make a vacation plan: If you’re on vacation and your farm does not put your box on hold, share it with a neighbor or donate it to a needy family.