Fitch Ratings has upgraded its financial outlook for the City of Rohnert Park from negative to stable, a sign of an improving fiscal position for the city, which struggled like many other municipalities through the economic downturn.

In its July 2 announcement, Fitch also reaffirmed its positive rating on Rohnert Park’s debt, saying it “reflects the city’s successful efforts to restore financial balance through extensive expenditure reductions, a modest increase in existing revenues due to an improving economy and a voter-approved sales tax.”

Fitch cautioned that employee pensions and retiree health care will create future financial pressures, but said that reforms recently negotiated with employee unions may reduce some of those costs.

Councilman Jake Mackenzie said that local sales tax measures have played a big role in improving the city’s fiscal situation.

“The Fitch rating and upgrade demonstrates that outside financial experts recognize that the city is getting our financial house in order,” Mackenzie said in a statement. “This is due in large part to the willingness of our residents to tax themselves with Measures A and E.”