SAN FRANCISCO — A high-profile sexual misconduct case that cost 12 Northern California officers their jobs is fizzling in court.

Charges were dismissed this week against an officer and a former sheriff's deputy charged with sexually abusing the teen daughter of an Oakland police dispatcher. A judge earlier tossed out the criminal case against a third former officer.

Three other former officers have pleaded guilty to misdemeanors and have paid small fines. A misdemeanor case is still pending against one other.

The two latest cases to be dismissed unraveled when a judge ruled Wednesday that former sheriff's deputy Ricardo Perez didn't know the teen was 17-years-old when they engage in consensual sex. Prosecutors on Thursday dismissed a similar case filed against Oakland police officer Giovanni LoVerde.

Oakland paid the woman nearly $1 million to settle her abuse claims.

How fast have home prices climbed?

The median price for a single-family home in Sonoma County has climbed 131 percent in the last nine years since prices bottomed at $305,000 in February 2009. Key milestones:

$305,000 - February 2009

$435,500 - April 2013

$507,000 - July 2014

$600,000 - June 2016

$705,000 - June 2018

Source: Pacific Union International senior vice president Rick Laws