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Sunday’s Letters to the Editor

Corporate rights

EDITOR: Almost weekly, letters, opinions or references are printed in The Press Democrat and other local media about the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that, some conclude, made corporations equal to citizens. Progressives are particularly riled up about this. As a conservative-leaning person, I do agree that corporations are not people, but they deserve a say nonetheless.

Corporations face countless rules and regulations imposed on them by government agencies or departments including the Internal Revenue Service, the Federal Trade Commission, the Interstate Commerce Commission, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Federal Communications Commission, the Food and Drug Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Securities and Exchange Commission, just to name a few.

Corporations are affected by so much originating in Washington, they absolutely should have a voice in shaping the conversation. Victims need not simply be the human props standing behind the president when he reads a speech. Our businesses have become victims of a government out of control, and they are paying the price for it in the world market. Balanced perspective is essential for fairness.



Police and force

EDITOR: We, as a society, must learn from the tragic death of Andy Lopez. We must grow, evolve and improve our society. We must do so to live up to our original national goals — “ to establish justice” and “to insure domestic tranquility.” We must do so to maintain our dignity.

I propose that the following changes be made by appropriate and timely actions of elected representatives:

The manufacture and/or importation of toy weapons should be prohibited.

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