Oakland A's deserve their due respect

EDITOR: What does it take to get you guys to give the Oakand A’s the coverage they deserve?

Last Friday night, against the AL East division leaders, the Baltimore Orioles, the best team in baseball won in spectacular fashion — a walkoff homer with two outs for a one-run victory. So they end up with a smallish headline on page C3. And the Giants? Wow! They beat the next-to-last-place team in the division in a walk-over. So they get front sports page and a much bigger headline.

I can guess you’re going to say the A’s were a relatively late result and the front sports page had already been set. Lousy excuse. Pay the man for an additional hour and reset the front page. Get your priorities straight!

I’m an A’s follower since the days of Joost, Suder, Fain, Majeski, etc. (the 1949 team that set a still-standing Major League double-play record).

Walter Muelken