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'Chardonnay can be the most amazing, concentrated, complex, ethereal wine that can delight,' said Phillip Corallo-Titus, winemaker of St. Helena’s Chappellet Winery. 'It can blow your mind.'
The wine world is keeping a close eye on the latest projects by the quirky Santa Rosa couple.
Oded Shakked, vintner and winemaker of Longboard Vineyards, refers to the vineyard as his church, a place of reverence.
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Here’s a trio of wines that are tricky to say but your palate won’t mind one bit because they are exceptional.
'Rodney Strong is the largest boutique winery in the world. Everything we do is in the ilk of $60 bottle of wine.' — winemaker Justin Seidenfeld
Everyday wine drinkers crave reliability in choosing affordable wines that will overdeliver every time. Here’s a lineup of palate-tested wines that have shown exceedingly well over time in the Press Democrat’s blind wine tastings.
This Friday’s Barrel Auction will include 100 rare wines from a range of appellations. Here are a few lots you’ll want to pay attention to.
The perception of rosé as a patio or poolside drink is inaccurate, according to Balletto winemaker Anthony Beckman. He says good rosés belong on the dinner table year-round.
Learn about more than 100 varieties of tomatoes, buy plants for a good cause or explore plant remains at one of these upcoming home and garden events.
Sonoma County master gardeners will teach people how edible gardening in containers can lead to a great crop for pizza toppings and salads.
The house style for Benziger’s pinot noir is one that embraces the old world and the new, according to winemaker Lisa Amaroli.
'Rosé is a subtle wine of elegance, one that is often shy to express itself,' says said St. Supery's Michael Scholz.
Winemaker Sam Smail: 'I like looking at the different subregions and picking out the best growing sites to deliver the qualities we want for Starborough.'
Winemaker Rusty Folena: 'We tried 20 different blends before we came up with this one.'
Take a behind-the-scenes look at the judging during the annual North Coast Wine Competition.
The organizers of Signature Sonoma Valley hope next weekend’s wine-centric event will showcase Sonoma Valley’s resilience following the October wildfires
Averaen winemaker Adam Smith: “I want to make wines that are effusive, bodacious, captivating. Electric fruit, poised tannins and a tension that gives way to lushness.”
'Picking the fruit at its optimum ripeness allows the terroir of the wine to shine through." — Migration winemaker Dana Epperson.
Winemaker Tim Bell: “We have a unique house style. We’ve been using a pretty unusual clone of sauvignon blanc and we don’t know anyone in Sonoma County using it.”