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Sonoma Raceway’s weekend event is spotlighting 99 teams and 1,200 students for the Eco-marathon Americas, promoting innovation in fuel-efficient vehicles.
The sleek big rig is on display this weekend at Sonoma Raceway as part of the Eco-marathon Americas sponsored by Shell Oil.
Local agencies secured $3 million in state funds to develop plans for preventing groundwater depletion.
The American Lung Association’s report says Sonoma County air was free of smog and soot, but the Bay Area fared poorly.
Sonoma Valley vintners Fred and Nancy Cline have sold the Marin County beach they’ve owned since 2001. The buyer reportedly told a group of property owners there that he intends to 'breathe new life' into the popular resort.
The local undertaking is a small slice of the $18 million in projects funded by the Bay Area’s voter-approved wetland restoration tax.
A high-tech new system, featuring computer touch screens, could cost Sonoma County $6 million.
Two spring storms that soaked Sonoma County have helped fill reservoirs and even more is precipitation expected over the next two months, erasing the anxiety from a bone-dry February.
He insisted Drake made landfall in a cove at the mouth of Drakes Estero in 1579.
Two structure fires in Sonoma County on Saturday destroyed a Windsor mobile home and a Rohnert Park barn.
Sheriff’s deputies found allegedly stolen property and drug paraphernalia at the suspect’s home.
Wildfire damage to the southern half of the 1,750-acre park required months of repair work.
Genetic analysis of cancer tumors offers a road map to new therapies for America’s second-leading killer, local researchers say.
In Sonoma County contractors working for the Army Corps of Engineers have cleared ash, concrete and other debris from 3,798 homesites, a nearly 90 percent level of completion.
Sonoma County is testing the concept of putting abundant wintertime water underground for use during dry summers.
In its heyday, the sprawling resort on Clear Lake attracted big name music stars but it’s been shuttered since 2009.
‘On the count of three, everybody go,’ Kenwood Fire Protection District Capt. Tony Ghisla said Saturday, setting in motion an annual rite of spring in Sonoma Valley.
Three teens remain unaccounted for after a crash off Highway 1 that is presumed to have killed an entire Washington state family.
Spring has sprung in Sonoma County, signaling a 'green light for green thumbs' across the North Bay.
Federal regulations require safety equipment testing that could run for up to six months on tracks shared by commuter and freight rail operations.
‘I will not be silent, I will not wait until more lives are stolen and neither should you,’ one demonstrator said, urging her peers to speak out against gun violence.
‘When you spill oil, it’s gonna go everywhere,’ a UC Davis oceanographer said at a Bay Area hearing aimed at President Trump’s plan to open up most coastal waters to drilling.
Rohnert Park police said there was insufficient evidence to make an arrest until a friend of the girl reported similar offenses
A Santa Rosa environmental group supports a proposed ban on gas-powered cars, and is pushing for a measure that would take effect far sooner than currently envisioned.
The power company will deploy ‘boots on the ground’ to help fight wildfires.