Special Coverage: Drought

California officials crafting a new conservation plan for the state's dry future drew criticism from environmentalists on Thursday for failing to require more cutbacks of farmers, who use 80 percent of the water consumed by people.
Government weather forecasters say La Niña is here.
A heavy dousing of autumn rain in Northern California has lifted a quarter of the state out of drought, the highest percentage in more than three years, according to a new federal report.
A number of Sonoma County nurseries present many ideas for wonderful and locally appropriate plants to add to your gardens. Here are three to visit.
State regulators said Wednesday they fear some water districts in drought-stricken California have abandoned conservation efforts as saving has dropped off significantly.
Lakes Sonoma and Mendocino have rebounded from four years of historic drought, thanks to a wet a 2015-16 that brought rainfall totals within reach of normal.
Our drought-stricken state has nine active wildfires as large as 25 acres or more, including the massive Clayton fire.
Whether Santa Rosa and the rest of the Russian River watershed are still in a drought appears to depend on whom one asks.
Considering the wet winter and abundance of water stored in Lake Sonoma, are you confused about whether we still face a drought in Sonoma County?
Local reservoirs are in better shape for boaters and bathers this summer than they have been for several years.
Here are six landscaping alternatives that will make your neighborhood sing, no matter how hot it gets outside.
Santa Rosa’s water-wise ways saved enough water to cover 4,500 football fields with a foot of water each year.
The state used an average of 77 gallons of water per day in April, compared to 104 gallons of water in April 2013 before water cutbacks were mandated.
The brown hills and dry forests? Must be an illusion. Empty reservoirs? Ditto.
House Republicans are trying a new approach to divert more water from Northern California.
Rainfall totals on the North Coast still trail levels from a year ago.
Gov. Brown issued an executive order Monday that would make permanent some of the measures adopted to deal with the current drought.
Earth Day celebrations are gearing up throughout the Bay Area today. These celebrations remind us that the choices we make define the legacy we will leave to future generations.
Local water suppliers can’t say whether Sonoma County will remain under mandatory conservation orders for another year, but residents should continue to save water.
A Santa Rosa homeowner learned to work with nature instead of against it, transforming her yard into an environmentally friendly space. Her home is one of 30 included in a day long Eco-Friendly Garden Tour on April 30.