Special Coverage: Homelessness in Sonoma County

Olian Byrd befriended many a stranger from his makeshift post near a gas station in northwest Santa Rosa. “He was not forgotten. His family loved him,” said his mother.
A Santa Rosa church has decided to allow a small number of homeless people to camp on its property off Stony Point Road despite concerns raised by neighbors.
This winter, the Highway 101 overpasses at Ninth, Sixth and Fifth streets in Santa Rosa have become popular sanctuaries for homeless people.
Despite clean-up efforts and regular police patrols, the highway overpasses in downtown Santa Rosa remain a central destination for many homeless residents seeking shelter.
The Santa Rosa City Council has broadened the city’s efforts to help the homeless, as well as renters.
The council is expected to call for a June 6 election on rent control, and to tweak its homeless outreach efforts.
People bedding down have created unsanitary conditions and trash, and packages have been taken from postal boxes broken into, according to postal officials.
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An unusually cold, wet winter is forcing those without shelter to huddle beneath the Highway 101 overpasses in Santa Rosa, posing concerns for surrounding neighbors.
The problem continues to outstrip the capacity of available services, even as local governments and nonprofit groups pour more money into long-term solutions.
But the biggest problem facing the homeless is the trait of the modern Scrooge — NIMBYism. For many citizens of Santa Rosa, the single overarching value that transcends even religious belief, ethical sensitivities and political affiliations is housing values.
We call special attention to those who showed up at the Palms Inn in Santa Rosa on Sunday to help with offering everything from handing out food and clothing to giving haircuts.
More than 200 people, many of them homeless, came out Sunday in Santa Rosa for a one-stop event offering everything from haircuts to HIV testing, as well as Christmas music and free pizza.
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The city may review whether public parks, parking lots, or vacant buildings are suitable sites for homeless services.
Kevin Durant's foundation has donated $57,000 toward an effort to build a new school for homeless children of Oklahoma City.
A Santa Rosa church’s plan to allow homeless people to camp in a field off Stony Point Road has emerged as a key test case for the city’s homeless strategy.
Sonoma County this week launched a $1.4 million dollar initiative aimed at boosting emergency services and long-term assistance for seniors struggling in the county’s tight housing market.