Special Coverage: Homelessness in Sonoma County

Press Democrat readers comment on the wildfires, the president’s health care order, and more.
Food normally donated to the city's shelters has been diverted to the evacuation shelters leaving pantries close to bare.
Some believe the surge in squatters comes as homeless camps are closed elsewhere in the city, but city officials disagree.
The Board of Supervisors was set to consider Tuesday a plan to fund a loan for purchase of a five-bedroom home on Old Cazadero Road.
A large crowd is expected at Sonoma County supervisors’ Tuesday meeting to debate the proposed purchase of a home to house up to 10 homeless people.
Press Democrat readers comment on Sixth Street homeless camp, the Hurricane Irma response, and more.
In Sunday’s paper, Staff Writer Paul Payne sketched a disturbing picture of unsanitary conditions in the homeless encampment beneath Highway 101 near downtown Santa Rosa — rats, urine-soaked sidewalks, trash and human waste.
A packed Thursday night meeting reflected the high level of debate surrounding the unsanctioned and squalid encampment at the Sixth Street underpass.
The city of San Diego issued citations and cleared a downtown street where hundreds of homeless people regularly camp during ongoing efforts to sanitize neighborhoods to control the spread of hepatitis A.
Santa Rosa officials are poised to disband another unsanctioned homeless settlement, the second such move since August when they cleared the large Homeless Hill camp. The plan raises a key question: Where will the residents go?
Public health authorities on Tuesday declared an outbreak of the highly contagious liver disease hepatitis A in Los Angeles County, the third California region to see significant infections this year.
A homeless woman who in May was beaten beyond recognition in Santa Rosa died from her wounds Thursday.
Mario Uribe teamed with other artists to install a mural on the side of the Palms Inn, aiming to draw attention to homelessness in Sonoma County and the need for more housing.
San Diego County officials earlier this month declared a public health emergency because of the spread of the liver disease that has killed 15 people and hospitalized 300 more.
A northeast Santa Rosa grass fire burned just under two acres Monday along Santa Rosa Creek, destroying two homeless encampments without injuring anyone.
Petaluma's Committee on the Shelterless has received a $500,000 grant aimed at helping the organization provide quicker, better aid to clients.
After the homeless micro-village nicknamed Homeless Hill was cleared, someone who is a wonderful ally looked at the 'after' pictures and asked: Why so much abandoned stuff?
Police chased a man through Santa Rosa Thursday afternoon before breaking off the pursuit.
Out of the District Attorney’s Office comes a program that provides services for victims of assault and other crimes.
A handful of tiny sleeping shelters are providing safe spaces for the homeless in the city.