Special Coverage: Homelessness in Sonoma County

In what they hope will be an ongoing discussion, business owners and community leaders met Wednesday to discuss how to address homelessness in Santa Rosa’s commercial core.
A car shot off the side of a Los Angeles freeway and went about 20 feet down an embankment where it landed on a homeless encampment, killing a woman Tuesday, authorities said.
De’Shaun Davis, 20, was shot by Steven Ryan, who claimed self-defense but was charged with murder.
For weeks Harold Wallin, a 59-year-old artist, aided by a crew of volunteers, has been building small wooden shelters he hopes will keep homeless people safe and dry this winter.
The Thanksgiving Banquet, put on by the Redwood Gospel Mission and hundreds of volunteers, included a hot turkey dinner, a coat giveaway, free haircuts, flu shots and other kind gestures for low-income and homeless people.
A Ukiah man was arrested on suspicion of murder after shooting and killing a homeless man digging through a dumpster near his rental home.
Dan Cahill started off as a weekly driver for the Sonoma County food kitchen. Now he’s there head cook, connecting with both volunteers and the county’s needy.
Through the Redwood Gospel Mission, Jerry and Becky Hayes are doing their part to serve the county’s homeless.
Here’s why four dozen civic leaders gave up their comfy beds for a cold spot outdoors Friday night.
Builders, real estate professionals, housing advocates and elected officials will gather Thursday to discuss how best to boost the region’s housing supply.
The battered BMW was found abandoned on a Sebastopol street Tuesday.
From what to do if you suspect your child's classmate is homeless to how to respond to requests for a handout, here are some answers to difficult questions regarding homelessness.
Police have arrested two men in the fatal beating of a 67-year-old San Francisco homeless man two years ago.
The advisory comes early this year because of the arrival of rainy, inclement weather.
Homeless residents are seeking shelter in greater numbers as the weather turns wet, but additional winter beds won’t be made available until Nov. 1.
The three-judge panel said Vladimir Sotelo-Urena wasn’t allowed a complete defense.
Authorities say a homeless woman led them to a body after she was seen walking down the street with a human skull on a stick.
The impetus comes from discussions on how the city will keep newly reunified Old Courthouse Square from becoming where homeless congregate.
Rules going into effect in the spring give communities 10 years to clean up local creeks to the point where they’re clean enough that people could swim in them.
A seasonal program aimed at allowing groups to serve the homeless was expanded to allow camping and made year-round.