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Press Democrat readers comment on state solar power plan, and more.|

CPUC’s unfair plan

EDITOR: The California Public Utilities Commission released its revised proposal to make rooftop solar a fading memory. It is advocating that the rate for electricity sent to the grid be slashed by 70% and that those who have installed solar, or decide to in the future, pay an additional “tax” for the right to stay connected to the grid and share excess electricity with everyone, much of which alleviates the need to buy power in times of peak demand and when long-distance power lines are inoperable due to increased fire risk.

Grid-connected solar producers already pay a monthly fee, which has increased from about $5 when I installed solar in 2001 to over $13 now. This past year I sent 5,891 kilowatt-hours more to the grid than I imported when the sun wasn’t shining. My payment for this is $370, which comes out to about 6 cents per kilowatt-hour. How much did PG&E charge you for this power, much of which was during peak pricing?

There’s a wolf out there trying to eat your sheep, and it’s not rooftop solar owners.


Santa Rosa

Changing of the guard

EDITOR: I’ve known Blake Hooper a long time. I’ve watched him progress from a legislative aide to an influential county leader now running for the Board of Supervisors. I’m endorsing Hooper, not only because I know him and respect his views and governmental experience, but because we are from totally different generations and situations.

I’m 72 years old and live on a couple of acres west of Petaluma. I need my road fixed. I’m sure he will give this the attention it deserves, but I doubt that it will be his first priority. Hooper is in his early 30s and, like most of the people he knows, he’s a renter. He and his generation need affordable homes, let alone nice roads. Call me a traitor to my generation, but it’s time for the next cohort to take over and deal with their issues.

As for the fight between Hooper and David Rabbitt, this is not about good vs. evil. It is about whose issues take the forefront and who calls the shots. The moneyed establishment of Sonoma County is who Rabbitt will turn to when interests collide. Hooper will be in solidarity with renters, union members and environmentalists.



A leadership failure

EDITOR: Congress continues to fail the American people on so many fronts that it is not hyperbole to say that the political system is broken. The tragic and cynical failure of Congress to enact meaningful gun reform shows how broken the system is. We once had an assault weapons ban, yet Congress, beholden to the National Rifle Association, continues to refuse to do anything to help stop gun violence in this country. We urgently need meaningful gun reform now. How many more children and innocent people need to die before our political leaders act?


Fort Bragg

People trust Thompson

EDITOR: Ben Bartlett’s letter regarding Rep. Mike Thompson is simply wrong (“Democrat vs. Democrat,” May 23). Thompson wins his races for reelection overwhelmingly, regardless of the Democrat, Republican and/or no-party preference candidate he faces. That’s because his values are aligned lockstep with his constituents, and no one fights harder to meet the needs of our district.

When fires struck our district, Thompson secured the disaster relief needed for our communities to rebuild. He wrote the Green Act, the most consequential climate change bill to ever pass the House. He is the national leader on common-sense efforts to keep our communities safe from gun violence. And he is fighting to protect a woman’s right to make her own decisions about her body.

Best I can tell, the other Democrat Bartlett is supporting just moved into our district and has no history of doing anything around here.

Leaders in our community are supporting Thompson because of all he has done for our district. He has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood, Brady PAC, Sierra Club, Sonoma Farm Bureau and Sonoma County Conservation Action, as well as every Sonoma County supervisor and every mayor in our district. People know Thompson and trust that he will be there for them when they need him most.


Santa Rosa

Most qualified candidate

EDITOR: Vote for Assistant Sheriff Eddie Engram, who will bring the change that is wanted. Engram knows what the job is, has relevant and current experience and is most qualified to serve as the next sheriff. Engram is supported by law enforcement, elected officials, organized labor and the public. I think that Carl Tennenbaum is grasping at straws to bring up complaints two weeks before the election (“Engram foe seeks county review,” May 26). We don’t need outsiders who are out of touch. Vote for Eddie Engram, who is the most qualified and most supported of all of the candidates.


Santa Rosa

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