How much should you make to afford rent in Sonoma County? $89,529 it seems.

For a third year in a row the personal finance website has looked at the rental housing market in major United States cities and determined how much one must earn in order to afford a two-bedroom apartment.

California sits at the top of the list with 10 cities where you need to earn at least $100,000 in order to afford an average two-bedroom apartment. In San Francisco, where rents go for$4,189 per month, renters must take in around $179,529 annually for their monthly rental fees to occupy less than 30% of their income. This is a small change from last year, where renters had to earn $216,219 annually to afford an average rent of $5,043 per month.

Considering that San Francisco's median household income is only $87,701, that excludes most everyone from teachers to firefighters.

In Sonoma County, the picture is just as bleak. According to the website the average price for a two bedroom is $2,089 per month as of Sept. 1. For rent to make up only 28% of an individual’s income, a household would need to earn around $89,529 annually—assuming two breadwinners, that’s $44,765 per person.

Latest Census reports have Sonoma County’s median household income at $62,705. That means that bank tellers, coaches, school counselors, and healthcare workers, who earn on average below $44,765 could find these fees extremely burdensome.

Looking for affordable option somewhere else? The Midwest fares very well for affordable and spacious abodes. In cities like Toledo Ohio, one needs to earn only $29,000 per year to afford the average rent of $680 per month.

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