Stories from Chris Smith

Among those eager to take the sentimental layout are lovers of trains landscapes who lost their to the fires.
“It’s just been a tough go,” says Wes Winter, who lost his home to the Tubbs fire and will move to Palm Springs.
Finding one’s courage in the midst will be a theme of Sunday’s MLK birthday celebration in Santa Rosa.
Yellowed newspaper clippings tell the story of when the friendly town of 2,600 went at it over city employees’ coffee breaks.
Government works to protect us from future perils, but we’d best be ready to help ourselves.
The missing dog’s family has taken in two French bulldogs needing a good home, but most wants Lucy back home.
SAY’s sleep-out was merely an aspect of the night of empathy for young people grinding out a life on the streets.
Snack maker Mike Keefer was on Southwest Airlines Flight 278, which skidded off a Burbank airport runway.
The late president is remembered fondly by an former Guam TV reporter and some aficionados of vintage aircraft.
More than 100 will bundle up and camp out to raise money for homeless youth in Sonoma County.