Stories from Grant Cohn

I challenge every member of the organization to start improving after the bye week. Here's how.
Judging by all the normal factors, the New York Giants should cream the 49ers in prime time. But they won't.
Defensive line has done well, but rest of defense and brain trust get harsh grades.
Here are the 49ers midseason grades, starting with their offense. Grades for defense, special teams and coaches will arrive Tuesday.
Both teams have a tendency to struggle late, so the 49ers will have to toughen up.
The 49ers' season pretty much is over, but Kyle Shanahan must win Sunday's game.
With quarterback C.J. Beathard’s struggles, Colin Kaepernick would be the best move for a lot of reasons.
If the 49ers play just a little bit better than they did on Monday night and finish the game strong, they can beat the Rams. They can beat anybody.
Certain 49ers will have bigger opportunities to grow than others Monday night. Here’s who they are.
A number of players, including veteran receiver Pierre Garcon, should be shuffled out of the rotation so that younger players can gain experience in what’s looking like a lost season.