Stories from Home And Garden

A stroll through Quarryhill Botanical Garden Sept. 23 will shed light on plants that are recognized for varying health benefits in traditional Chinese medicine.
Onetime art director Dallas Saunders sources some of the finest linens, and her walls are adorned with original jacquard tapestries by some of the leading names in the genre, from Chuck Close to Kiki Smith.
It’s almost time to rip out your spent summer garden and plant winter crops. Besides root crops like tomatoes and carrots, try some of the multitude of Asian varieties of veggies pak choi, Asian Red Kale, Japanese baby turnips and more.
Build a mini terrarium or check out one of these other great local garden events.
Gail W. of Sonoma asks: I am looking to purchase a few fruit trees and have heard people at the rare fruit tree grower’s sale in Santa Rosa last January talk about fruit tree chilling requirements.
Towers of vegetables, tons of talks on growing, cool garden stuff and fresh food highlight the annual National Heirloom Festival in Santa Rosa Tuesday through Thursday at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds.
Ask people who survived a North Coast fire and many are apt to say that in the long run, it’s the sentimental items that they missed the most and regret leaving.
Try these varieties, blooming now, in your garden next year for end of summer garden sunshine.
“We love history and the charm of a historical property,” said Cale Miller, who purchased the large Victorian house at 786 Broadway.
“We think there are about 2,000 trees. I keep encouraging my daughter to do a tree counting project — go through the rows and multiply,” says Dan Hirsch.