Stories from Home And Garden

The ranch has evolved in many ways as it passed through four generations of ownership, but the family’s commitment to environmental stewardship has steadfastly remained in place.
Visit a vintage market or check out a fall festival this week.
Add these plants to provide nectar and insects to help migrating hummingbirds on their trip south.
This varied and colorful group of plants can be dried and stay fresh-looking forever.
The Santa Rosa tech entrepreneurs, while reviving their outdoor space, developed an online landscape design service that can save time and money for busy homeowners on a budget.
All types of cover crops have the ability to improve soil conditions.
When John and Jennifer Jenks decided they wanted to retire as hobby farmers, they picked a three-acre spot near Sebastopol and turned it into their own little paradise.
A stroll through Quarryhill Botanical Garden Sept. 23 will shed light on plants that are recognized for varying health benefits in traditional Chinese medicine.
Onetime art director Dallas Saunders sources some of the finest linens, and her walls are adorned with original jacquard tapestries by some of the leading names in the genre, from Chuck Close to Kiki Smith.
It’s almost time to rip out your spent summer garden and plant winter crops. Besides root crops like tomatoes and carrots, try some of the multitude of Asian varieties of veggies pak choi, Asian Red Kale, Japanese baby turnips and more.