Stories from Home And Garden

An award-winning Sonoma Mountain retreat built for an Apple designer is made up of two small steel boxes that offer big views through 9-foot sliding glass walls.
The National Wildlife Federation invites all outdoor lovers to submit photos that best illustrate the positive impact gardening has on wildlife with its inaugural Garden for Wildlife Photo Contest.
Here are some tips on drying peppers, saving sunflower seeds and preparing for fall.
It’s a family affair when siblings Dayna Justus and Shawn Husar enlist spouses, kids and their mom to create two magical show gardens in the Hall of Flowers. For Justus, it was the culmination of a lifelong dream after years competing as an amateur.
What would you take with you if ordered to leave your home? Here are 10 things to do right now to be ready if the time comes.
The Garden Docs answer questions on rosemary plants, milkweed and more.
Water fountains are easy and low-cost ways to bring beauty and tranquility to your backyard. Here's what to consider before you buy one.
This fruit that is a staple of summer picnics is high in Vitamin C and comes in many varieties. Some the smallest are the sweetest.
We usually think of pruning our fruit, nut and ornamental trees as a job for the dormant season, when the sap has retreated. That’s true for many kinds of woody plants, but not all.
Harmony Farm Supply & Nursery’s Annual Customer Appreciation Day offers special sales, vendor booths, free samples and a scoop of Three Twins Organic Ice Cream. For tree lovers, there’s a rare tree and vine sale July 14 at the Original Santa Rosa Farmers Market.