Stories from Kerry Benefield

Larissa Connors just capped a season of "racing my guts out.” But she's not done. Not quite.
The journey to bring lights to Piner High's athletic fields has gone on for decades. In the latest 'Overtime' episode, football player Colton Roy talks about what finally having lights means to the school.
Credo High’s Jasper Caddell has earned a spot on the US team headed to Poland for the Olympic Hopes Regatta next month.
Joe Brown, 14, is hitting an eye-popping .800 in exhibition games with his team of mostly 15-year-olds ahead of this week's World Cup opener in Panama.
Retiree Silas Boden is preparing to race at Monterey’s Laguna Seca track next weekend and hopes to come home with a competition license.
'This is my last year as a Bear. I just want to hit this year hard and fast,' Samantha Lamos says. But first, she'll try to help the U.S. U-23 team win gold at the world championship.
Many soccer minds say it's France's game to lose, but soccer hearts are pulling for the underdogs.
Gerry Savela put the word out — would any area team be willing to let him stand in for one at-bat and pitch to just one batter? The answer was yes.
When former Rancho Cotate drafting teacher and track coach Bob Lombardi lost his home in October's wildfires, he knew just person to call.
Every time a news story appears in which a cyclist is harmed in a collision with a vehicle, people come out of the woodwork condemning the cyclist.