Stories from Outdoors

The nonprofit Kelly Creek Protection Project announced recently it has secured $4.1 million to purchase 44 acres adjacent to the park from property owner Davidon Homes.
Sign up to run, hike, camp or forage, winter or not.
With a clear, 100 percent polyethylene canopy this umbrella lets you see everything around you in the pouring rain.
Build a bird house, walk a trail, or eat a lotta chowder. It’s all in Venturing Out events this week.
Resistance bands are a versatile fitness tool at any time, but they’re particularly useful for retaining or building muscle fitness when traveling, as they are inexpensive, lightweight and compact.
With the coho spawning season literally midstream, biologists are measuring how the endangered species is faring. So far, it appears Marin County creeks are seeing better numbers than the Russian River area.
A former wine businessman wants to save children from technology with his new line of bikes.
After receiving 8 inches of new snow in the last 24 hours Tahoe ski resorts had a day of sunshine and blue skies.
From black bears to mountain lions, take a peek at some of the wildlife spotted around Sonoma County.
If you get buried by snow or lost in the middle of nowhere, such a device can save your life.