Stories from Outdoors

You can now enjoy flying disc fun in the dusk or darkness of a warm summer evening with a disc clad in LED lights.
Hike, bike, walk or camp in nature this week.
County officials have yet to cement a plan for the future of the more than 1,600 acres of state-owned land that includes the Sonoma Adventures Ropes Course.
Jon Gay’s Bay Hill ranch is part of a growing movement that’s rebooting how we farm in the age of global climate change. It’s the first ranch in Sonoma County to sign what’s called a Carbon Farm Plan.
Compact in shape and light in weight, the Water Rover is a water bottle and attached bowl to take along on your canine excursions.
See an old sawmill in action, learn to identify Chinese herbs, and watch the swifts tuck in for the night. It’s all in Venturing Out this week.
With its jewel-like iridescent colors, seemingly spontaneous 49-miles-per-hour skyward dashes and unique clicking sounds, the hummingbird is a constant joy to behold.
Learn to kayak camp, print a scarf, or participate in a coastal cleanup. Whatever your passion, get outdoors this week in Sonoma County.
Wine Country Trekking offers inn-to-inn, customized, self-guided walks through the hills and valleys of Sonoma County, while doing the heavy lifting for their guests.
For those going through difficult times, the beauty and peace of a walk around Spring Lake, and the people you'll see, can make things a bit more bearable.