Stories from Pete Golis

We’ve come to reside in a country in which politics is as much about tribal identity as it is about government policy.
Once upon a time, the road that crosses the wetlands bordering San Pablo Bay wasn’t considered a major link in the Bay Area system of roads and highways.
Public libraries aren’t what they used to be — or at least the best libraries aren’t what they used to be.
Hours after it was nominated for the Oscar for best picture, we went to see “The Favourite.” It is a clever film, built around smart dialogue, gorgeous costumes, spectacular set designs and gifted actors.
On his second day in office, Gov. Gavin Newsom traveled to the Sierra foothills to talk about fire prevention. This will be only the first of many conversations, all aimed at confronting two grim realities: One, climate change is real, and two, millions of Californians live in fire-prone areas.
Test your knowledge of politics, people and trivia
With our new grandchild as inspiration, we celebrate our blessings and wish again for a world that resolves to be more generous and hopeful.
In the strange and divisive politics of our time, there’s one thing we know for sure: In an otherwise wealthy country, more people are being left behind.
Until last week, the Tubbs fire in Sonoma County was the most disastrous fire in California history. Now, barely a year later, the Camp fire has proven to be even more destructive.
Americans are about to vote in an election in which fear and anger have become the principal forms of motivation.