When pianist Beau D. Flasher performs later this month at Sonoma State University, it won’t be just another concert for him. It’ll be a crucial comeback.

Flasher, 34, Sebastopol, grew up in Sonoma County and started playing piano at age 3. In 2003, he graduated from Sonoma State with honors, trained by the late jazz music teacher and mentor Mel Graves.

After graduation, the young classical pianist began his professional performance career, only to have it interrupted abruptly in May 2012.

“I fell onto some solar panels while working outside. It was a six-foot fall,” he said. “I severed four tendons in my right wrist on the metal frame that held the panels. They were cut in half to the bone, and I was unable to use my right hand for three months. I was told I would never play the piano the same again.”

That might have ended his career, but it didn’t.

“After three years of recovery and rehabilitation, I am able to play again,” he said. “My hand is stronger than ever.”

Flasher will perform in a free concert at 7 p.m. June 20 in the Warren Auditorium at Ives Hall on the Sonoma State campus in Rohnert Park. He’ll also tell the story of his injury and recovery.

“I will be performing very complex material, and I’ll be speaking. My hope is to inspire people,” Flasher said.

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