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Estimated $334K in tax revenue could be even greater with visitor spending boost, some suggest.
City to seek more money to complete E. Washington interchange improvements.
Caltrans casts doubt on council?s preferred interchange - why?
(Editor?s note: This is the third and final of a series of stories about issues in the Petaluma City Council race.
Chief building official dies of apparent suicide a week before planned layoff.
Six in race so far - but one of the incumbents isn't. Who is it?
Petaluma bids adieu to Chris Albertson as it welcomes a new fire chief.
Petaluma officials will continue to revise a proposal requiring stronger economic scrutiny of new stores proposed in town, after the City Council couldn?t
Copper piping, wiring pulled from PEP Housing apartments being built near Casa Grande.
Plans call for turning the burned-out downtown building into a new store and living area.
With its executive director having resigned after little more than a year on the job, half the board stepping down last month and an unexpected move to a smaller office on the other side of town, there?s
The economic downturn and falling property tax mean the city's new fire station and other projects will be delayed.
Regency Centers is making changes to the design of its East Washington project that was put on hold for the General Plan.
Several bridges around Petaluma will shut overnight this week - find out where.
There won?t be any burning books on Kentucky Street if the new fire sprinklers at Copperfield?s work as expected.
Residents of this aging eastside area like its good homes and calm streets.
Identity thieves may be after unlocked cars on quiet country lanes outside Petaluma, victim says.
Governor proposes shutting gates to Petaluma's state park to stave off budget crisis.
The weird, the wonderful; the rude and the nude: The year in review.
Residents of area where officials checked for code violations say city went too far. What happened?
Report says Novato Narrows could have a center lane for southbound drivers in a.m., northbound at night.
Out-of-state firm reportedly calling Petalumans, seeking opinions on expanding the city limits. Were you contacted?