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Get a bird’s-eye view of the area's brilliantly colored vineyards.
They arrive in boxes, albums and frames, a little ragged and faded. Each spring, bits of Wine Country history migrate to museums and libraries as longtime wineries and family members clean out dusty attics and musty bureau drawers.
Two hours into picking sauvignon blanc grapes, 11-year-old Sarah's hands are numb. Her mom, Gail Judge, is a row over and well ahead, seemingly at one with the clippers.
Artist Joe Szuecs also recycles materials into his stylish bird boxes with a creative re-use of everyday materials that is playful and thoroughly unexpected.
Dozens of other military vessels sit idly in the water, some museums in waiting, others on reserve status in case the Navy needs them.
Are you one of those ambitious backpackers who can't rest until you've covered serious miles? Say, the 211-mile John Muir Trail or the 2,655-mile Pacific Crest Trail?