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Elsie Allen High School's graduation was held Friday, June 3, 2016.
Just when you thought you had reached the heart of fruitopia -- passing by the tasty strawberries and cherries, the refreshing oasis of apricots and peaches -- you fly over a bump in the road and the whole landscape changes.
The late Robert Mondavi abided by a simple equation: good food plus good wine equals The Good Life. Few would quibble with a winning formula that gave the wine impresario 95 good years.
When Andrea Mugnaini approached the Valoriani family about distributing their wood-fired ovens in the U.S
The Napa Valley doesn't always live up to its reputation as the Disneyland of Wine Country. Step off the beaten path, and you'll discover a paradise that time forgot.
Combine bone-chilling winter winds from Alaska with the economy's icy grip on our wallets and it's easy to see why comfort food -- simple yet satisfying dishes that evoke warm memories of hearth and home -- continues to dominate the dining scene.