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Hope Love and Magic volunteers use cosplay to brighten lives and bring smiles around Sonoma County.
Click through for a gallery of photos from the Monday, July 2, 2018, firefight against the County fire in Yolo, Lake and Napa counties.
The first of two 'Super Moons’ this month came on New Year’s Day. The second will be Jan. 31.
See how the Bay Area came together at the AT&T stadium in support of the North Bay fire victims. A magic night with a good cause.
The Windsorkaboom fireworks Monday night lit up the night sky on the eve of July 4.
Thanks to the perfect combination of light, moisture and temperature, this year’s fall colors have been spectacular. Take a look.
Take a look back at dramatic images from the 2015 Valley fire in Lake County.
One month later: Kent Porter shares stories and photos from the front lines of covering the Valley fire, from the effect on the residents to his own personal experience after the fire.
PD photographer Kent Porter gives a behind-the-scenes look at covering the Valley fire and includes some of his heart-wrenching images of the fire and its aftermath. The blaze has so far scorched 73,700 acres and is 40% contained.
PD photographer Kent Porter shares a behind-the-lens look at covering the devastating blaze.
The sunrise was beautiful, the winds were calm and the weather was warm as hot air balloons lifted off for Saturday’s “dawn patrol.”
The teacher inspired thousands of photographers who passed through his SRJC program.
Black and white is a medium you see on museum walls or buried inside the daily newspaper. Ansel Photographers Adams and Sebastio Selgado set the benchmark for creating black-and-white images.
Annadel State Park at 40 years. The assignment was to capture the heart and soul of Sonoma County's premier urban wilderness park in photographs.
Become a photojournalist and witness firsthand how life works. The good, bad and downright ugly. Riots.
Become a photojournalist and witness firsthand how life works. The good, bad and downright ugly. Riots.
Above, Bill Hewitt of Bodega Bay captures a dramatic coastal scene just north of Bodega Bay on Friday after a powerful but fast-moving midday storm rolled through the area.
Phillip Engel stares at the back side of his ``new'' house in Healdsburg, a nearly $1 million fixer-upper slouching on a pile of bricks whose mortar has dried into chalky dust.
Clipping coupons is back. So is sewing. Even canning food, that old staple of yesteryear, is making a resurgence as people cut back and save.
George Ortiz is proud to say he was born in East Los Angeles in the good old U.S.A., and he's delighted that he settled in Sonoma County 40 years ago.
The teen members of the Hanna Boys Center 4-H Club aren't angels, and their adult leader, George ``Bogey'' Perry, has never claimed to be a saint.