This article is reprinted from Unions, a special advertising feature of The Press Democrat.

Joel and Trisha Brown celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary (July 29th) a little early with a photography expedition through Glacier Bay, Alaska from July 11th to 22nd. Glaciers, whales, otters, sea lions and seabirds were abundant, while a brown bear and her three cubs made a brief appearance and salmon leapt from the sea leaving sparkling trails of spray. The Browns traveled with a small group of photographers led by local professional Brenda Tharp and her partner Jed Manwaring aboard Dolphin Charters’ 50 foot Delphinus out of Hoonah Alaska, docking in Gustavus, Alaska a week later. A love of art, books, exercise and outdoor adventure has united the Browns through their first quarter century and they hope to enjoy many more such adventures together in the coming years. “Listening and always respecting your partner will keep love strong.”

Photo Credit: Brenda Tharp

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