Planning a multi-day trip into the wilds this summer? Whether you’ll be backpacking in the mountains, fishing a remote stream, rafting a might river, or something else, you’re likely to encounter at least occasional data-connection problems.

To stay on-track and know exactly where you are even off the grid, you need an offline map app like the award-winning Avenza Maps. This geospatial PDF, GeoPDF® and GeoTIFF reader allows you to download maps for offline use on IOS, Android and Windows smartphones or tablets. The app includes many tools; out in the wilds you’ll utilize the device’s built-in GPS receiver to track your location, plot/record location info, import/export placemarks, measure distance and area, plot geotagged photos, and more.

As for the maps, you can browse and download thousands of professionally-made maps (including 1:24,000 scale USGS topo maps for the entire United States) from the Avenza bookstore; many are free, but others require purchase.

The Avenza Maps app is free to download for IOS, Google Play, and Android users.