Information provided from federal tax returns shows that Santa Rosa ranks No. 2 of U.S. cities with the highest rate of same-sex married couples, according to a report by the Tax Policy Center.

Since the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide in 2015, it's estimated that of all joint filers, over 250,000 are same-sex couples. California has grown to be one of the few states with more than .8 percent of residents in a same-sex marriage and nearly 1,416 of those couples live in Santa Rosa. This equates to 1.25 percent of married couples in the city. Santa Rosa is also featured on a top 20 list of retirement communities for LGBT seniors.

The only city that tops Santa Rosa's population of same-sex married couples is San Francisco, with 13,220 gay or lesbian couples. That counts for 1.52 percent of the married couples who call the City by the Bay home.

When broken down by state, including the District of Columbia, D.C. came out on top with 4.17 percent, followed by Massachusetts and Vermont with .99 percent.

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