Winter’s winding down, but late-season storms continue to bring snow and rain. Skiers, boarders and snow-shoers still enjoy the slopes—and even more so when starting each morning with warm, dry boots and gloves.

A company called DryGuy specializes in forced-air products that push warm air through footwear. This trademark system quickly dries footwear of all kinds, including ski boots, running shoes, boat shoes and more. Aside from the physical comfort of dry shoes, the drying process helps control the kind of odor-causing bacteria and fungus that love moist environments.

The portable DryGuy Force Dry ($50) folds up compactly. It’s perfect for road or plane travel, and dries one pair of shoes, boots or gloves in about an hour. It weighs a bit over 3 pounds.

Even smaller is the DryGuy Travel Dry DX ($40), which dries two shoes/boots in from 2-5 hours; it comes with an AC/DC power adaptor for use at home or on the road and weighs 1.3 pounds.

Biggest of the line: the DryGuy Force Dry DX ($80), designed for use in your home or vacation cabin.

It can dry two pairs of boots,shoes or gloves in about one hour, weighs 5 pounds, runs on 120 volt AC, and sports a 3-hour timer with a heat/no heat switch for overnight drying.

In Sonoma County, DryGuy products are carried by REI in Santa Rosa.