Inspired by Father's Day, we wondered how many fathers and sons out there shared a striking resemblance with one another.

We asked readers to enter in our father-son lookalike sweepstakes by sending us a picture of the duo as well as answering some questions. We wanted to know, aside from looks, how similar they were in personality and interests. We were also curious to know how they differ.

We received an overwhelming response (some of it from another family member, thanks mom!) and found the submissions brought new cred to the phrase, like father, like son.

Congratulations to the winner of our sweepstakes drawing, Ryan Hard and his son, Dylan, of Santa Rosa, who scored four tickets to the Aug. 8 Giants game, and to second place sweepstakes winner Rob Guido and his son, Damian, of Santa Rosa, who won a $50 gift certificate to Bibi’s Burgers.