Hauling one or two surfboards or stand-up paddleboards around is a snap with Yakima’s SUPPup Surf Rack.

Fully assembled right out of the box and requiring only an easy 10-minute, tool-free installation, the rack’s built-in mounting hardware is compatible with Yakima’s aerodynamic, round, square and most factory crossbars (a base rack system is required). An integrated strap management system holds the boards tight and neatly stows strap ends for travel. The SUPPup carries up to two boards; its sliding adjuster fits boards up to 34” wide. Boards are cushioned and protected by soft padding.

Optional gear includes a Multimount ($59), Anchor Straps ($10 for two) and locking Ripcord ($89). The SUPPup weighs 13.20 pounds and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. $179. yakima.com.