This past Sunday, Mike and Sue Luna of Rohnert Park woke up hankering for breakfast out.

Mike accessed the internet and searched “breakfast Santa Rosa.” Lickety-split, the wedding and party DJ was reading about a spot that sparked his interest: the Worth Our Weight culinary apprentice cafe in Montgomery Village.

Mike and Sue walked in unaware that Sunday was Worth Our Weight’s last day.

The couple savored the scones that came with the coffee. They ordered huevos rancheros.

WOW Cafe founder Evelyn Cheatham stopped at their table and spoke with them about the at-risk young people who for more than a decade prepared for food-service careers there, and about how patronage and applications by prospective apprentices plummeted after the 2017 wildfires.

Evelyn mentioned that she needed some kitchen help for that last day of operation, so she called on one of her chef friends. The Lunas learned who prepared their breakfast: celebrity and Zazu Kitchen & Farm chef Duskie Estes.

Mike and Sue cleaned their plates, took it all in. Mike’s last word was, and I quote, “Wow.”